CSI Theme Party Ideas

Party Scene Investigation! A play on the Crime Scene Investigation TV shows. Throw a fun crime investigation party for a birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, Halloween party or even graduation!.

Crime Scene Investigation invitations

Check out these cute personalized CSI party invitations, customize them with your own wording and invite them to your party!  You may want to tell people in advance if you want them to dress as an investigator, a lab technician or even as the victim! 

CSI theme party decorations
As soon as your guests enter the party set up these mug shot props to take pictures with, this way everyone is identified before they enter. Take a picture and send it home with the thank you cards later! Have a station for checking in where you can give party passes to your guests. Set up a couple red police lights around the party space.

Add fun morgue like party decorations:

  • Make a "chalk outline" of a body with masking tape.
  • Yellow caution tape is great around the windows, doorways and tables.
  • Throw in some fake blood and severed body parts.
  • A skeleton cutout make a great wall decoration.

CSI theme party table decorations and menu

Decorate your tables with bold colors to match the rest of your party:

  • Set the tables starting with a black table cover, and use red paper goods.  
  • Yellow and black balloon bouquets with caution tape hanging down around the strings will look great on tables or buffets.
  • You can also use caution tape to create a curtain behind the buffet or dessert table.
  • Create large "finger prints" from white cardstock and a black marker or paint and use them as buffet table signs.
  • Head to a lab supply store and set out real microscopes, test tubes and other medical supplies as centerpieces.
  • For the drink table, serve plenty of blood red drinks! Shots can be served in test tubes or syringes. 
  • "Evidence marker" signs are perfect for the buffet table too! Give all your favorite party foods fun CSI names to make them fit the theme. For example -
    • Crime Scene Crostini
    • Murderous Stuffed Mushrooms
    • Guilty and Good Spinach and Artichoke Dip
    • Stabbed Anti Pasta Skewers
    • DNA Deviled Eggs
    • Other CSI themed words to work into your party menu: bullet, evidence, autopsy, blood, fingerprint, arson, weapon, identify, labs

CSI Games and activities

 This is a crime scene people! Just like the old cops and robbers, designate the CSI people from the Lab investigators. You can also make certain guests the suspects in the crime.  Grab a tools of the trade:
  • A couple lab coats
  • Evidence stickers for the lab technicians and get to investigating!
  • Shoe covers to wear in the lab
A fun idea would be to play a game of Clue® or a CSI board game, which you can pick up at a local game store.

CSI Party favors

Magnifying glasses, L.E.D police cars and candy test tubes are great party favors.  Send your guests home with a personalized favor like candy bar wrappers, or a mint and candy tin. 

Have fun investigators!