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Pool Party Ideas

The weather’s warm, the sky is blue, and there’s no better way to celebrate the summer than with these cool pool party ideas. It’s easy, it’s fun and who doesn’t love hanging around a pool with good friends?


Pool or Beach Party Invitations
Your guests will know that your bash will be a splash with a personalized pool theme invitation from There are also a variety of summer party theme invitations – just choose the one you like best.
Want a really unique invitation? Let design a caricature invitation – how about the host or hostess as a beach babe or hunk in a bathing suit? This wonderful caricature can become a sign-in board, photo opportunity, even thank you notes. It’s the perfect way to easily take care of all your decorating needs. We even have a variety of already drawn semi-custom caricatures that you can add your face to, how fun! For your beach party we suggest:

You can even make your own invitation using a flip flop or beach ball. Purchase inexpensive versions of these items and write the party information on them with a contrasting colored permanent marker. It may cost a bit more to mail these invitations but it’s definitely worth it – your guests will be talking about your party before it ever starts!

Pool Party Supplies and Decorations

The swimming pool or beach is both the main destination and decoration for this party but it’s fun to supplement with a few colorful extras. Hang a great colorful personalized pool banner on whatever door or gate your guests will be coming in. If you are down at a beach you can use the banner as a directional sign; "The Miller's Beach Bonanza this way". They’ll know how glad you are to see them when they see your welcome message!

If your party is being held in the evening, be sure to hang lanterns on the house, in the bushes, or on the fence surrounding the pool.

And don’t forget the inflatable palm trees. Scattered around the pool and patio, your guests will feel like they’re in a tropical paradise!

If your party is on the beach you will be more limited in what you can decorate. You can still create a party feel with colorful beach blankets and large sun umbrellas. And blow up a dozen or so beach balls to add a splash of color. Use tiki torches to define the party space.

Summer Table Decorations and Menu


Bright and fun paper goods are the way to go. Thankfully you have a lot of great choices so you can pick the style that works best for your party.

Easy pool party ideas? Balloons! These always make great and economical centerpieces. You can use them to define the party space as well.

With all that splashing around, your guests will be hungry and thirsty. Food that’s easy to eat is definitely the way to go. A barbecue with hamburgers and hotdogs or even delicious hot pizza is all you need.

On a hot summer day, or night, nothing tastes better than cold water! Imagine your guests delight as they sip from water bottles sporting a personalized summer bottle label with a pool party theme. Be sure to get extras because these water bottles make great party favors that your guests are sure to want to take home. 

Serve other drinks, whatever they are, in light up glasses (how fabulous will they look as the sun goes down and they’re blinking on the table?) 

Pool Party games and activities

Your guests will probably spend most of their time in the water, but it’s nice to have a few additional activities for them. After all, they may get cold and need a break. Be sure to have lots of beach balls available because they’re great to play with both in and out of the water.

Regardless of age, everyone loves a piñata! You will be delighted to see your guests “whacking away” at a piñata filled with candy. The games promise to have everyone laughing for hours.

Pool Party Favors

The sun will be shining brightly, so be sure to have sunglasses for all of your guests. There are tons of choices but how about sunglasses? Complete the pool party outfit with beachcomber or great luau bucket hats. They’ll be wearing both of these long after the sun has gone down.

What better party favor than a delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar? A sweet treat with a personalized wrapper is a great way to thank your guests for being at your party. You can even customize your wrapper with a photograph as well as your own message.
We also think these summer mint and candy tins are a great pool party favor. Pick one that works perfectly with your theme and your guests are sure to remember your pool party long after they are dry.
Here are a few more of our favorite pool party ideas that make perfect favors:
  • Sunblock (bottle or wipes) - add a little note "Thanks for bringing your skin to party in the sun with the Millers!"
  • Paper fans or battery powered handheld fans
  • Squirt guns
  • Flip flops
  • Beach balls

Your pool party will make a huge splash with everyone. With wonderful products from, everyone will be talking about your party long after the after the pool and beach have closed for the season.