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Party on the Patio

Summer is a great time to get together with neighbors and friends who may have been hibernating all winter. Have everyone over for a Party on the Porch – or Patio, or just in the backyard! Good food, fun and drinks; that’s all you need for a successful event.

Outdoor Summer Party Invitations
Want an invitation that will delight your guests? Choose one of our summer theme invitations. These wonderful looking invitations are fun and easy to send and will look great hanging on the refrigerator. If you want to put almost no effort into the invitations, call or email your guests. You’re sure to hear if they’re coming or not if you make it so simple to reply.

Send, or hand deliver, to your guests an incredibly unique and practical invitation, one of our personalized summer water bottle labels that has all the party information on it. Everyone will love receiving this invitation. Be sure to get extras so you can serve them at your party.

Outdoor Summer Party Supplies and Decorations
With just a few items, you can make your party incredibly festive.

Balloons make fabulous decorations and they’re economical as well. Place bunches of multi-colored balloons all around – on tables, near doorways, or on the ground. Include a mylar margarita drink balloon, smiling sun or butterfly for extra fun.

Hang strands of lights around your porch or patio. There are so many to choose from, stars, margarita glasses even footballs! Pick whichever one you think best suits your crowd.

Summer Party Table Decorations and Menu
If this is truly a Party on the Patio, use summer theme paper products and simple centerpieces. The bunches of balloons that you purchased for decorations make perfect centerpieces as well. And the kids will love receiving them at the end of the party.

You can have wonderful looking centerpieces just by using cut flowers from your own yard. Place them in different kinds of vases and you’re all set. Even potted plants like geraniums are a great addition to any table.

No matter what type of centerpiece you choose, add some candles to make it a little more special.  Bamboo torches or citronella candles are both great choices. Candles are a great way to light up the night!

Delicious food is one of the most important parts of any party! Depending on the time of day, you can serve anything from appetizers to desserts. If you don’t care about a specific menu, make it potluck since everyone likes to contribute to a party.

No matter what type of beverages you’re offering, they will look more festive when served in light up glasses. Pilsner, margarita, wine or regular water glasses that flash and glow make any drink more fun. And kids, ok adults too, will love the ice cubes that change colors.

Outdoor Summer Party Entertainment
Talking and laughing will probably be the main focus of your Party on the Patio. A few extra touches will help make a terrific party even better. Be sure to have music; CDs are great but live is always the best! You may even have some musicians in your neighborhood who would love the opportunity to perform.

Want to have a real neighborhood bonding experience – not to mention an incredibly fun time? Provide a custom designed photo op of a muscle man or beach babe (or see our full line of fun photo ops). Everyone will want to be part of this fabulous photo opportunity. And if you take pictures with an instant camera, your guests can take their photos home that night.

Outdoor Summer Party Favors

Unfortunately, all good parties have to end but you can send everyone home with a sweet memory. One of our personalized summer wrappers from Party411 with your own special message covering a delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar, is the perfect party favor.
Another good party favor for your guests is one of our personalized summer mint tins with your own message.  This is a party favor that will last long after the party has ended.

Your Party on the Porch will be so much fun; you may have to have more than one this summer! With’s help, you can be sure that your parties will always be great.