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Spring Fling: A Spring Party Theme Idea

Winter is coming to an end and everyone is getting restless. Why not throw a fun party to help everyone shake off the winter blues? A Spring Fling party is all about getting together your friends and family, eating some excellent food, having a few drinks, and cutting loose. A great spring party theme!

Spring Fling Party Invitations
The theme of this Spring Fling is fun, fun, fun! Get everyone excited for your party with a great invitation. Let everyone know that your party is not to be missed with a colorful Spring Fling personalized invitation. The bright invite will get everyone thinking of spring

Combine a party favor and invitation in one, especially if your guest list is small. Add a rainbow slinky to your invitation (mail it in a small box). Get it? Spring Fling? Your guests will be delighted when they receive their invitations!

If you want to make your own invitation use brightly colored cardstock and a whimsical font to convey all of the party details. You can add some warm weather stickers (like suns or flowers) to the edges, or something else that says "warm weather is almost here!". Too bad you can't include the smell of fresh cut grass, that always makes me think of spring! :)

Spring Fling Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome your guests to your spring fling with a colorful personalized banner. They are nice and sturdy so if your Spring Fling becomes an annual event you can use it over and over again. When your guests walk in, give each of the ladies a carnation or rose corsage (what says spring more than flowers?) The guys are out of luck though. Maybe you can appease them with a bottle of beer.


Keep your decorations simple and bright.

  • Bunches of bright latex balloons around the party area will chase away the drab colors of winter.
  • Throw in the occasional Mylar sun balloon to make the grouping stand out.
  • You can carry the bright sunny theme through the rest of the rooms with rainbow flag bunting draped from tables and bars.

You next step is to decorate your guests. Here are a few fun wearables that you can set out in baskets. Once your guests get a hold of them there will be no stopping the fun! Now that everyone is ready to party because you set the mood with great decorations and wearables, when (and what) do we eat?

Spring Fling Table Decorations and Menu
Use colorful paper goods for your table. Start with a green tablecover (think grass), with yellow plates (they will add a nice pop). Set out a green cup with a red napkin fluffed in it to look like a flower. For centerpieces use daffodils in mason jars, or if you have time, force hyacinth bulbs in simple terra cotta pots.

Set up a buffet with fresh and tasty foods; hamburgers and hot dogs off the BBQ, chicken wings, potato salad, corn on the cob, fruit skewers, and of course, ICE CREAM! Make it a sundae bar and your guests will love you!

Bring some fun to your bar menu with glowing glassware! The margarita and hurricane glasses are great for this party. I think everyone is ready for a fruity frozen drink after a dreary winter! For those that want water offer bottle water wrapped in our personalized spring water bottle label.

Spring Fling Party Activities
If it is warm enough for outside activities, play some classic yard games like bocce or dodgeball. For something different, consider playing a few rounds of Frisbee Golf. Hang large buckets from trees in the backyard. Move from bucket to bucket trying to sink the Frisbee in the bucket just as golfers move from hole to hole. The person who gets in the most times wins!

Check out even more Spring Party Games.

Spring Fling Party Favors
Send everyone home with a sweet reminder of your spring fling. A personalized candy bar wrapper will add that custom touch to the gesture, and since it matched your invitations and bottle labels it helps bring the whole party together.

Have a wonderful Spring Fling from the Party Girl and!