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Bug Party Ideas: Creepy Crawly Kids Spring Party

April Showers bring May flowers but the younger crowd may be more interested in what’s crawling out of the ground! Celebrate all of spring – butterflies and worms and flowers – with a simple outdoor party. This is perfect for a kids birthday party or an outdoor play group. With bug party ideas everyone will have so much fun, they won’t even care if it rains!

Spring Party Invitations
Choose a colorful personalized bug theme invitation that will make everyone smile.

Feeling creative, cut out flowers or ladybugs from heavy construction paper. Write the party information on the back and mail them in coordinating envelopes.

Combine a party favor and invitation in one, especially if your guest list is small. Purchase bug catchers and print the party information on colorful tags and tie them on.

Join us for a Creepy Crawly Spring Party
on May 1st at 2pm
Fly on over to the Smith's House
1234 Somestreet Ln.
To RSVP give Christine a Buzzzz
Bee There or Be
e Square!
Your guests will be delighted when you drop off these invitations!
Here are a few more bug party ideas for birthday invitation wording:
  • Let's Bug Out for Alexander's 6th Birthday!
  • Our Little Bug is Turning One!
  • Cute as a Bug! Help us celebrate Taylor's 1st Birthday!
  • Join us for a Buggy Birthday Bash!
  • We are buggin' out! Can it be true? Our baby boy is turning two!
  • Have you heard the Buzzzz? Sam is turning 7!
Tips for invitations:
  • You may want to tell parents to send kids in "play clothing" if you are going to do any digging in the dirt or bug hunting.
  • Don't forget to send your invitations 6-8 weeks in advance of the party. 
  • Be sure to include an RSVP phone number and an RSVP date.

bug them Party Decorations and Party Supplies

Start by welcoming everyone with a bug themed personalized banner. You can hang it outside on the front of the house, or hang it inside so the greets everyone as the come in.
It would be really fun to put a banner or sign out front (with a few balloons) that says "Fly this way to Sam's Birthday!"
Here are a few fun ideas for table decorations and centerpieces:
  • Children love balloons and they’re an easy and economical way to decorate. Balloon bouquets in bright tones will look wonderful scattered around your party room or patio. 
  • Don’t forget to hold the bouquets down with weights so they don’t blow away. You can use bug nets or inexpensive bug jars as weights.
  • Flowers always make wonderful decorations. Use real ones from your gardens if you can.
  • You can do potted plants with fake butterflies on your tables.
  • Mason jars filled with plastic bugs are very fun.
  • Wrap plastic silverware with a paper napkin and secure with a plastic bug ring (you may need tape).
  • Or make centerpieces using a small pail or watering can. Fill it with child size garden tools, seeds, garden gloves and some gummy worms too. At the end of the party you can disassemble the centerpieces and give each child a piece of it – they will love that!
  • Sprinkle the top of tables with plastic bugs for a creepy crawly confetti.

If you have a few little helpers you can have them create bugs out of construction paper. Bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, and butterflies will be so cute hanging from the ceiling on clear fishing line. Ants, beetles, worms, and grasshoppers can decorate the floor or lower walls. The room will look great with all of the colorful buzzing bugs about!

Make sure your tables look as festive as your decorations. Go with bright colors or a bug theme pattern (ladybugs, bumblebees)

This crowd will probably be happiest with simple finger food. Sandwiches, pizza, cut up fruit and vegetables are all they’ll need. And “bug juice” is a must!
If you are having your party outside in the summer it would be very fun to eat picnic style. Lay out blankets in the grass and let everyone relax and chow down. But watch out for ants!
Here is one of our easy bug theme party ideas... a fun green party punch:
Bug Juice Green Party Punch
2 liter of Sprite or 7up
frozen lemonade
can of pineapple juice
quart of lime sherbet
gummy worms (not sour)
Mix together chilled ingredients and garnish with gummy worms!
Dessert has to be mud pie – what could be tastier than chocolate pudding with chocolate cookie crumble and gummy worms made in a flower pot and served with a garden shovel?
Or a bug theme candy buffet would be very cute too! Here are some ideas:
  • Gummy worms
  • Honey candy (Bit-O-Honey, honey sticks)
  • Bug Larva  (Mike and Ikes)
  • Butterfly wings (chocolate covered pretzels)
  • Fire Ants (Red Hots)
  • Chocolate covered ants (Raisinets)

bug theme party Activities

The greatest part about kids’ parties is while they need lots of activities, they don’t have to be very complicated. Depending on the age of the kids, traditional party games are perfect. Duck, duck goose, tag or kickball are always fun. Take a hike, or create a scavenger hunt, and have everyone look for signs of spring – worms, birds and ladybugs.


Here are a few fun ideas for games and activities:
  • Cocoon - What teams can wrap someone completely in toilet paper the fastest?
  • Inchworm - Wrap kids in blankets or sleeping bags and have them race across the grass by inching along like a worm.
  • Bug face painting - Get a volunteer to do butterflies, spiders, ants... kids will love it!
  • Cooties or Ants in the Pants - Great games to play if your indoors. Find them in any toy section.
If you’re planning on keeping everyone inside, craft projects are always great entertainment. Simple plastic flower pots can be decorated with stickers or markers. You can use them as favor bags when it’s time to leave. Or bug coloring sheets will keep young kids busy too.

bug theme Party Favors
Let your guests leave with a few fun, bug themed party favors:


  • Bag of gummy worms
  • Bug stickers
  • Stretchy bug toys
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Glow toys
  • Bug rings
  • Bug and butterfly tattoos
  • Bug theme coloring books and crayons

Another great favor is a chocolate candy bar covered in personalized bug theme wrapper. Pick a special spring theme or send a personalized message – it’s a delicious treat. Have fun at your Creepy Crawly Spring Party! With help from, you can be guaranteed lots of happy guests who will be anxious to attend your next event.