Tennis Theme Party

Love is in the air and it's not your fault!  Tennis is a great sport, so why not have a tennis party to watch the Open, or for your birthday, graduation or bar/bat mitzvah! 
tennis party invitations
Send your guests these personalized tennis theme invitations, they really set up a great match to the party!  If you want to get creative with the invitation, grab a can of tennis balls from your local sporting goods or crafts store, stick the invitation in the tube and send it out to your guests! 
tennis party decorations
If you can, host the party at a tennis court or country club. If not, outdoors is a must!  An easy alternative is to set up a badminton game in the yard. Badminton is a similar game but smaller so it's easier to set up in the backyard.
Party411 has a great tennis player photo op to set up on the court or in the backyard.  Or get a life sized cutout of the guest of honor and a personalized tennis banner welcoming your guests to the party!
If it's a tennis theme graduation or bar or bat mitzvah, grab our tennis theme sign in board and have your guests leave "love"-ing messages!
tennis party table and menu
Serve up the table on a green tablecover and use yellow plates with white cutlery to mirror the game!  Hit the sweetspot with some great barbeque and summer dishes, like fruit salad, pasta salad, and sub sandwiches.
For a centerpiece, grab a bag of tennis balls from your local sporting goods store. Put the balls into a clear bowl or tall glass vase for a centerpiece. Balloons are always another fantastic choice for centerpieces. We would make up bouquets with white, yellow and green latex balloons and weight them down with a child's tennis racquet.
Decorate the room with some plastic rackets and green, yellow and white streamers, with balloon bouquets scattered around the room.
For dessert, how about a yellow and green dessert buffet?  Start with a green tablecloth to look like a court and then add candy and desserts in greens and yellows.  Our favorite idea is to make tennis ball cupcakes.  They are simple and adorable!  
tennis party games and activities
If you're having the party outdoors and you don't have enough room for playing a game of tennis, try badminton.  It similar but smaller and can be played in almost any yard!  Table tennis is always an option too.  You can rent a table tennis game from your local party rental place.
For an indoor party, grab a Wii game console. If you and your friends don't have one, you can always rent one from your local video rental store.  There's some fun tennis games on the Wii and you get a great workout!
tennis party favors
Of course, don't forget the party favors! Set your guests up with a tennis ball and racket to take home.  Also, makes some great personalized Tennis theme candy bar wrappers, you can get them with dark or milk chocolate!
This party will definitely take you to Wimbledon! Have fun!