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soccer ball balloon
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Soccer Theme Party Ideas

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.  What's the best way to jump on the soccer bandwagon? Throwing a soccer party! And what makes the perfect soccer themed party? Food, fun, friends and the games are the key ingredients. So beat your drums and put on your jersey because we’re going to throw a soccer party that is going to make you sing Ole!

soccer Party Invitations

Send a colorful and fun personalized soccer invitation to invite everyone to this soccer bonanza! Specify to your guests that you are implementing a dress code, face paint and jerseys are all acceptable, and you will see how much fun everyone has dressing up for the party!
You can even send soccer photo ticket invitations.  Make sure your guests know they need the tickets for entrance! Throw some confetti in the envelope for an extra festive touch.
For an unforgettable invite, send these inflatable soccer balls! Just write all of the party information on the soccer balls and deliver. Your guests will have a blast when they blow up the soccer balls not expecting a party invitation! And it will double as a party favor. Tell them to touch up on their skills before they come over!

soccer Decorations and Party Supplies

A soccer party begs to be outside. Look into renting space at the local community center or soccer fields.  You'll want enough room for everyone to run around and show off all of their professional skills.
Or you can make your party into a professional arena. We are more than prepared to help transform your house or party area into a proper soccer stadium. Get ready to decorate with perfect colors and supplies. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Soccer Ball Balloons – you can put these anywhere and they will spice up your room. Batch them with black and white balloons.
  • Inflatable Soccer Balls – if your guests forgot their invites leave these lying around. Your guests will have a blast doing their best Pele impersonation!
Whichever is your preference the soccer fun should start at the entrance! Start with a soccer sign in board at the front to lead everyone to the party! Add soccer balloons to each side and you have the perfect decoration to let everyone know where the party is!

As the guests walk to the party greet them with a life size cutout of the guest of honor. Here are a few great choices:
Add a speech bubble for extra fun! You can have them saying "Olé!" or "Goooooooooaaaaaaaalllllll!" Any way you do it your guests will be in the soccer mindset and ready to cheer! Just make sure your guests keep their cool around the referee.
These decorations will bring the soccer atmosphere to your party!
soccer Decorations and Menu
Use soccer paper goods for your food because how many times will you be able to eat off of a soccer ball? Now is your chance!
Balloons make wonderful centerpieces.  Mix together white and black latex balloons with soccer ball mylar balloons and you have an instant centerpiece. 
Soccer is all about nations coming together and competing. We like the idea of having a variety of food for your soccer celebration. Serve a variety of worldly food that works both indoors and outdoors.  You should be able to handle a soccer ball and eat at the same time!

soccer games and activities
If your party is outside, set up two goals and as many soccer balls as you can get your hands on. (You can use your hands here, we won't tell.)  Your guests will start playing all types of games the moment they arrive. Everyone will have a good laugh at all of the excitement.  After all the running have personalized water bottle labels ready for your guests!
If your party is inside have guests test out their goalie skills and striker skills with the inflatable soccer ball. There are nets in the Soccer Stadium Props, which would set the scene for the showdown between guests. Give a gold medal to the winner, you know they’ll love it and try even harder.
We suggest providing your guests with soccer ball maracas so they can make as much noise as possible, for as long as possible.  If you really want to be authentic, give your guests air horns! 

soccer Party Favors

Send your guests home with a sweet treat from your party. A scrumptious milk or dark chocolate candy bar with a personalized soccer wrapper is a delicious souvenir for a wonderful party.

Another fun fiesta party favor is a soccer hat. Your guests will wear their hats for the entirety of the Cup.

Have a great time at your soccer party!