Great Football Party Ideas: How to Host a Football Theme Party

Baseball is the great American Pastime but football is the sport where we get together with our fellow fans and act, well, fanatical. Whether it's tailgating at the game or hosting some friends in front of the tube rooting for our teams has become an enjoyable ritual in the fall. You expect your team to play its best so you might as well throw an All-Pro football theme party. Here are our favorite football party ideas that you can use to make your next game day a winner!

Football Party Invitations
Nothing wrong with watching the game in front of your TV (big screen is better!). After all, they're not all home games. It's especially tough when you can't get to a playoff or a bowl game. For big games we usually send out invites.

Our biggest seller are football photo ticket invitations. You get to use your own wording, choose from seven colors and can order as few as 30. So these are perfect for Saturday’s and a college football party or Sunday when the pros play.

Your local team shop might have invites, or you can have Party411 make a game day invitation appropriate for the big game.


Football Party Tips: How to set your party up for watching the game
Make sure your TV room has plenty of chairs available so everyone can see the game. We move the furniture back and set up chairs bleacher style so 20-30 folks can watch the game comfortably. Our group consists of pretty serious fans, so staying in one room works. If some of the group is more interested in socializing rather than rooting. That's okay. You just might want to have a second room for them.

If you have a TV in the basement you might want to put the kids there. Even kids that are great fans have trouble staying focused for 4 quarters, so it's best to have them where they won't interrupt your view of the action. Have plenty of noisemakers (especially if the kids are in the basement).


Football Party Decorations
Welcome your guests with a large personalized football banner (it’s a great way for them to find your house, too!). We usually like guests to arrive an hour before kickoff as it gives us time to set up a betting pool (usually just a pick the square game). Betting is illegal, so, of course, this is for fun! We tend to throw the football around to get in the spirit of the day.  If you want a raucous crowd (and who doesn't?), set the tone early with pennants and banners in the yard or in your window.

A life-sized cutout of a football player in your team's colors is a nice touch, and it can be used over and over again. I know one family who used the cutout as a way to mark their spot when they tailgated. Some people eat before the game, but for most, that's kind of early, especially with so many snacks available.


One of our favorite football party ideas is to decorate with team colors. Encourage your guests to decorate themselves. You may want pom poms around for people to shake.


  • Mylar football balloons are a colorful touch and you can use them indoors or out.
  • Hanging some lights around the table or around the tube is a nice touch also. 

Have some inflatable footballs around so you can toss them at the screen when the other team receives a lucky break. We used to use peanuts, but cleaning up was a problem. Other ways to let off steam? If you have a dart board, put a picture of your opponent's star player or coach in the middle and shoot an occasional bulls eye. Cheers work also. Sounds hokey, but my niece (5 years old and cute as a button) grabs some pom poms and leads cheers. Maybe not NFL material, but great for a college crowd.

football Halftime Party food and Activities

Your table should set the mood. Football theme paper goods all add to festivities.You won't need much for decorations.  What about a display with a square piece of astroturf with a football sitting on top?  Or add a helmet to the display.
Lots of people eat at the half. Not a bad idea if you serve the right food. No one wants to miss the last two minutes of the half so pick something you can prepare in advance. Potluck is always an acceptable way to go. As hosts we usually make a big pot of chili, some sausage and peppers, or maybe a pot of meatballs for sandwiches. Our guests fill in the rest. It's not a formal affair so make sure it's something you can hold on your lap. Finger food is good. Once the food is out leave it out for the rest of the game. If you have a big crowd, not everyone will get to the table in 15 minutes, and many will come back for a second round.
Beverages are important (cheering works up a powerful thirst)!  We think they even count as a decoration.

Win or lose, it's a good time for a ceremonial smashing of a piñata. Fun if you have kids, and even funnier if a guest has had one too many libations. A football piñata is a great way to get rid of some frustration or to celebrate a victory.

Football Party Favors
Like the game, your football party will have to end at some point. Make sure everyone is a winner by sending your guests home with a personalized football candy bar. A delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar surrounded by a custom designed wrapper from Party411 is a tasty way to end the festivities.



Going to the big game? Then have the party at the stadium. Check out our tailgating theme for more football party ideas.

Your football party will be so much fun; your guests will anxiously await your next event! With ideas and products from you know that all your celebrations will be memorable ones.