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Basketball Party Theme Ideas

A basketball party theme is a great idea if you're hosting everyone at your home to watch the big game or planning a birthday party for a basketball lover. With the NBA playoffs, March Madness, high school games and a hoop in almost every driveway basketball is appreciated by nearly everyone.

Basketball Invitations
Let the "team" know they are invited to the basketball event with a personalized basketball theme invitation. Or use the celebrant's face for a basketball magazine invitation.

Because Basketball games are at arenas and are treated as events, why not send a photo ticket invitation with your celebrant’s face to invite your guests? What could be better than a ticket to the big game? Or in this case the big party? Remind your guests that they cannot enter without their ticket!

You can also wow your guests with one of our semi-custom caricature invitations. You can add your celebrant’s face to a semi-custom invite doing a layup or doing a reverse slam! It’s up to you. We can also do a completely custom sports caricature invitation for you.

For the younger celebrants you can get inflatable basketballs and write all the party details on them. Then deliver the basketballs to all of your guests. The excitement of blowing up a basketball for the party details is sure to be a hit. These basketballs invitations are sure to remind your guests that you are ready for the pros.
Here are some ideas for a basketball theme party invitation wording:
  • It’s Karl’s 25th season and he’s in the all-star game, we’d like to add your name to the starting line up!
  • You’re invited to Sam’s high flyin’ dunk defyin’ hoops party!
  • Come with a crossover and quick to shoot, This basketball party will sure be a hoot!
  • RSVP to Kathleen by 3/14 so we can save a spot in the lineup for you!
  • It’s going to be a Slam Dunkin good time for Tom’s 15th Birthday
  • It’s Party time. Dribble on over to celebrate…
  • Beat the Buzzer and RSVP by 4/21
Basketball Party Supplies and Decorations
Welcome your guests with a personalized basketball banner letting them know they’ve made it to the right arena!

You can also have a cutout of you as a basketball player. Add a speech bubble welcoming your guests to your party. You don't have to have all the fun. Put up a basketball photo op and let your guests take turns pretending to be one of the greats!

If the party is for a special occasion like a birthday or bar mitzvah, create a sign in area for your guests to leave a message -
  • Have a custom jersey created with the guest of honor's last name. Guest can sign the back and then you can have it framed!
  • Set our several basketballs and sharpie markers and let everyone autograph the basketballs.
  • A Basketball Sign-In Board definitely says It’s Hoop Time. Lay it out on a table or set it up on a table for guests to sign.
We think Mylar basketball balloons mixed with orange and black balloons is a great way to decorate for your party. They also help designate important areas of the party such as buffet, bar and bathroom.

Inflatable basketballs are also a great addition to your decorations. You probably don’t want your guests dribbling around with a real ball so blow up a few of these and leave them scattered about the party. Then watch your guests pick them up and have a blast pretending to be on the Dream Team.

Basketball Table Decorations and Menu
Start with basketball court tablecovers or choose colors matching the colors of your favorite basketball team. Keep your set up and clean up easy with basketball theme paper goods mixed with black and orange napkins and cutlery.  Team paper goods are also available and are fantastic!
Your guests are sure to get thirsty with all of their attempted dunks and fall-away jumpers so make sure you serve bottled water with a personalized basketball label. Not only will guests be refreshed, these can double as party favors!

A basketball hat (choose a baseball hat from your favorite team) with a small hole in the top for balloons to come out makes a fun and simple centerpiece for tables and buffets at a basketball theme party. Surround them with cheerleading pom poms! Using the face of the celebrant we can make a personalized centerpiece that will work great with your basketball theme.

Foil-covered chocolate candy basketballs can be found at candy stores or online and make great confetti on the tables! Wrap referee whistles around the napkins.

Personalized basketball theme cameras are great for your guests to use for pictures! They can take them home if you like, or leave them so you can see what great pictures everyone took during the evening.

Think sports and bar food when working on your menu for this party. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and wings are great fun options. Have plenty of pretzels, chips and popcorn for everyone to snack on, especially if you're going to be watching a game during the party. Drinks served in glowing pilsner cups with glow straws are great options for a basketball party.
basketball party games and activities
Outdoors- HORSE
  • Players line up. The first player announces what shot he is going to make and takes his shot. If he misses, he goes to the end of the line. If he makes the basket, the next player must make the same shot. If the second player misses, he gets an “H,” and it is the next player’s turn to announce a shot and try to make it.
  • Each time a player fails to make a shot that his predecessor made, he gets another letter until someone has spelled “horse.” At that point the player is out.
  • The other players continue play until only one player is left. 
Outdoors - FIVE BALL
  • Set an order. The first person picks a location on the court and shoots 5 straight shots. Following in order, each player then shoots 5 shots from the same spot.
  • After everybody has taken their five shots, the next in line picks a new spot and shoots 5 shots. Players then follow in order and shoot 5 shots each. Repeat until everyone has chosen their own spot to shoot.
  • The winner is the one who made the most total shots
Kids Games- HIGH JUMP
  • Pick up a roll of lined paper or a life sized image of a basketball player and attach it to the wall.  Also, pick up some basketball theme stickers
  • Have the kids line up and give them each a sticker.  
  • One by one have the kids jump and stick their sticker as high as they can.
  • The winner is the highest jumper.  Or the winner can be the one who attaches their sticker closest to the hand of the basketball player!
Basketball Party Favors
Your celebrant will never forget such a fantastic party! Make sure your guests don't either by sending them home with a fun party favor. Here are a few of our favorites:
Here are a few more fun basketball theme party favors ideas:
You're sure to have the high score with all your guests at a basketball theme party.

Have fun from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!