Baseball Party Ideas

Not everyone can get tickets to the big game so you might have to play Take Me Out to the Ballgame at your house! The Great American Pastime has millions of very devoted fan(atic)s, and these baseball party ideas are perfect for opening day, the baseball playoffs, a World Series Watch Party, a baseball theme birthday, bar mitzvah or even a graduation party.

Baseball Party Invitations
If you're not going to the game but inviting guests over to watch, then include a ticket to "your" ballpark.  At Party411, we have some great personalized photo ticket invitations for a baseball themed party. Or try our personalized authentic ticket invitations, available in a variety of color options (use team colors), for any baseball party. No ticket, no entry!


Here are some ideas for baseball theme party invitation wording:
  • Come "CATCH" opening day with the Smiths!
  • Hotdogs, cracker jacks, cheers and fun, Jimmy's birthday will be a home run!
  • Be a sport and join us for Jen's baseball theme birthday!
  • We're having a party, step up to the plate, John's 40th birthday is going to be great!
  • Baseball, candles, cake a fun... our little slugger is turning one!
  • For he's 1... 2... 30 years old and we're going to the ballgame!
  • RSVP for this ballgame (you'll be glad you came!)
  • Don't wait until the bottom of the 9th... RSVP by June 20th!
  • RSVP to Kathleen by 8/12 so we can save a seat in the dugout for you!
baseball party ideas: home run baseball party decorations
Make sure the guests know where the party is with a bouquet of green and white balloons with a baseball balloon too. You can greet all of the guests with a fun baseball player life sized cutout of the guest of honor. It is a fun party prop that make a great photo op too!
If the party is for a special occasion like a birthday or bar mitzvah, create a sign in area for your guests to leave a message -
  • Pre-game needs an autograph session. Set our several baseballs and sharpie markers and let everyone autograph the baseballs.
  • A Baseball Sign-In Board definitely says Play Ball. Lay it out on a table or set it up on a table for guests to sign.
  • Have a custom jersey created with the guest of honors last name. Guest can sign the back and then you can have it framed!
Ask your guests to dress the part. Baseball jerseys, caps or just the team colors. Dressing up gives the event a little more spirit. As soon as everyone arrives, whether you are going to the game or not, pass out a goodie bag that includes:
  • One set of baseball maracas (maracas painted and shaped to look like baseballs--really cool, but loud).
  • One bag of peanuts, roasted and salted in the shell.
  • One box of Cracker Jacks (complete with toy unless you're feeling especially mean).
  • One stress ball that looks like a baseball (for them to squeeze the whole game through).
  • One baseball water bottle, because rooting for the home team is hard work.
  • Baseball beads, because everyone likes to dress up.

baseball party table and menu


 Here are our favorite baseball party ideas for a theme table worthy of the seven inning stretch -
  • Set out bowls or tin pails filled with with peanuts.
  • A box a cracker jacks at each place setting is a fun placecard.
  • Mini coolers filled with ice and drinks on the table will let everyone serve themselves (no flagging down a vendor needed).
  • Place an old fashioned bottle of pop or a water bottle with a custom baseball theme label at each seat.
You are undoubtedly going to serve simple finger foods so baseball theme paper plates and plenty of baseball napkins are a must. 


Now to the food: popcorn, peanuts and crackerjacks! All can be served in the great baseball party bowl! Hot dogs are a must! Other great food items are nachos with cheese and beer, here! What more is there? Oh yeah. The game.
Baseball party games and activities

Not everyone has the patience to sit through a whole game so be ready to play some other baseball party games. If you are having a kid's birthday party a baseball pinata is great, or if you need to practice your home run swing why not take a few cuts at this baseball pinata. Big fun!

Wiffle ball is always a good option for a backyard game, smaller but still similar to baseball. 
Or try this variation of wiffle ball, called Louisville Chugger:
  • Whiffle ball bat (safer) or a regular bat
  • Whiffle ball or beer can
  • Beer (optional but for adults only!)
  • The batter stands at home plate with the bat and chugs a beer (optional!).  The batter then has to spin around the bat 5 times, with his or her forehead on the handle of the bat and the other side of the bat is on the ground. 
  • After that, the pitcher pitches the wiffle ball or beer can to the batter and the batter has to swing to hit it. 3 pitches is the max!. 
  • Once they hit it, the inning continues to the next batter. Or the batter can run to the first base and continue around the bases, just like baseball or whiffle ball. Three outs ends the inning.
  • The winning team is the team that has the most hits!

baseball party favors


Baseball is the great American pastime and it makes perfect sense to tie this type of party into a patriotic theme. Check out our Patriotic Party Planning page for ideas if you decide to fly the red, white and blue.
Add a tag to your baseball goodie bag that says "Thanks for coming, hope your had a ball!"
  • Personalized Baseball Candy Bar Wrappers - The perfect party favor.
  • Big Large Chew bubble gum - a classic
  • Inflatable Baseball - Playing with a beach ball in the bleachers is part of Opening Day festivities.

Whether an adult or a kid, this stuff goes a long way to guarantee a party's success. And, you may have noticed that it's all inexpensive and fun, too. Play ball!