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Baseball season starts with spring training, but its opening day that gets everyone out to the ballgame. For an Opening Day themed party, baseball party games are essential. Not everyone has the patience to sit through a whole game, so be ready to play some other games. If you are having a “kid'’ birthday party some of these are a must.

Home Run Derby

  • Whiffle Ball
  • Bat
To Play
  1. Buy some whiffle balls and bats.
  2. Draw a line that marks a home run in your yard.
  3. Batter swings at easy pitches.
  4. If the ball goes past the line, Home Run! If it doesn’t it’s an out.
  5. Three outs to an inning. How many innings is up to you.

Baseball Trivia
Baseball has a wealth of history and stats that define the game. Everyone thinks they are an expert. So it’s easy to come up with questions. In fact, we’ve put together some baseball trivia questions to get you started. The good news is you can have easy questions or hard ones. You can give a prize for any right answer or ask many questions and give a prize to the winner. All depends on your crowd.

This one is fine with young children. It works just like an egg toss. Fun for a father/son or father/daughter game.
  • Baseballs
To Play
  1. Two lines start close to each other.
  2. Anyone that doesn’t make the catch drops out.
  3. Those that have a successful toss take a step back further and further.
  4. The winners are those who can keep the toss going as they go further apart.


  • Baseballs, One for Each Guest
  • Baseball Bat
  • Chalkboard and Chalk, to Keep Score
To Play
  1. One person hits a baseball to partygoers.
  2. Catch a fly ball get 100 points.
  3. Bouncer worth 50 points.
  4. Grounder worth 25 points.
  5. Make an error on a fly lose 100 points, etc.
  6. First one to 500 wins.

Dart Board Baseball
Many of you have dartboards. Turn it over and you may find a baseball game board. If you are stuck with a regular dartboard you can still play.

  • Dartboard
To Play
  1. Inning 1 you aim for number 1 on the board.
  2. Inning 2 you aim for number 2. All the way through 9 innings.
  3. You get one run if you hit the number.
  4. Two runs if you hit the outside ring. Three runs if you hit the inner ring.
  5. Tied after 9 innings? No problem. First one to get a bulls-eye wins in extra innings.

Baseball Piñata
Let your guests get their swings in with a baseball piñata.

Baseball Pool
Gambling is illegal in many states, but you can still bet for “fun”.

  • Hat
  • Pieces of Paper
To Play
  1. Put the players names of your team in a hat.
  2. People get the player they draw.
  3. You can have awards or prizes for first run scored, first walk, first homer, first strikeout and on and on.

  • Decks of Baseball Cards
  • Mascot Bobble Head Dolls
  • Louisville Slugger Bats
  • Home Team Baseball Hats