Backyard Olympics

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You may choose to watch the games on TV, but if you want to bring the fun of the Summer Olympics to your party, host your own 2012 Summer Olympic Games!
See our Summer or Winter Olympics Theme Party Planning Guide for great Olympics party invitations, Olympic decorations, favors, and tons of great ideas!

Great Olympic Games for Kids

Have a Crazy Olympics party and let the kids play silly games. Some fun games are
  • Backwards Crab Walk
  • Blind(folded) Leapfrog
  • Obstacle Course
  • Frisbee
  • Golf (with their feet instead of a golf club)
Add a few ridiculous relay races for extra fun!
  • Pass the eggs
  • Carry cotton on a spoon
  • One-legged race

Pass the Sand

  • Container of sand
  • Plates
  • Scale
To Play
  • Divide the group into 2 teams and line them up.
  • Have the person in each line grab a handful of sand from a container.
  • They must pass the sand to the next player, who passes it to the next, and so on down the line. When the sand reaches the last player, he/she pours what is left of it on a plate.
  • The team with the most sand wins the game. (You may have to weigh the sand on a food scale if it's close).

Mummy Wrap

  • Several rolls of toilet paper
To Play
  • Divide kids into teams or couples, give them toilet paper, and have them try to mummify (wrap up) one another in a race to be first!
  • Be careful- the paper keeps tearing the faster you go!

Dress-up Relay

  • 2 sets of similar clothing
To Play
  • Make 2 piles of the same type of clothing.
  • Divide the group into teams and have the first players race to dress up in all the clothes from one pile.
  • When finished, he/she must take all the clothes off and have the next player dress up.
  • The team that dresses and undresses first wins the game.

Human String Relay

  • 2 Spoons
  • 2 Ball of yarn, equal lengths
To Play
  • First of all, you need to tie a spoon to the end of a ball of yarn.
  • Line up both teams single-file.
  • When the host/hostess says, "Go," the first person from each team must put the spoon down his shirt, as well as his pants.
  • When it comes out of his pant leg, he must then pass it to the next player (As it is still attached to the first player).
  • When it has gone through the entire line, and everyone is attached, then the last person at the end of the line must reverse the process (While the first person winds the string into a ball as it comes back out of each person's clothing).
  • When the team finishes unwinding the string then the first person in that line needs to shout, "Done!" The team to finish unwinding the string first wins.

Hula Hoop Relay

  • 1 hula hoop for each team (even number)
  • Course obstacles (garbage cans, chairs, ect.)
To Play
  • For this race, you'll need even numbered teams and a hula hoop for each team.
  • Begin by creating a course-a straight line to a goal (a chair or trash can, for instance) and back, or create a slalom-type trail around obstacles.
  • When the race begins, the first player from each team rolls the team's hoop (using his hand or a stick) along the entire course before returning to the starting line and passing the hoop to the next player.
  • The race continues until all of the players on one team complete the course.

Thread the Needle

  • Hula hoop
To Play
  • In this contest, the members of each team join hands in a circle with a hula hoop hanging from one person's arm.
  • When play begins, the person with the hoop must step through it and pass it to a neighboring player without letting go of her teammates' hands.
  • The next player then does the same thing.
  • The team that gets the hoop back to the starting player first wins.
Lay an Egg

  • 1 raw egg for each team
To Play
  • In each pair, the partners stand with their backs to each other.
  • Placing a raw egg between their backs, the object of the game is to lay the egg on the floor without breaking it.
  • The first couple to successfully place the egg on the ground without so much as a crack in it is the winner.

Belly Burst

  • Inflated Balloon
To Play
  • Everyone must divide into random pairs.
  • Each couple has to hold a balloon between their stomachs.
  • The couple who is able to burst the balloon first using only their stomachs is the winner.

Other Great Olympic Games
  • The Extreme Torch sprint--light a candle and see which teams gets to the finish line with it still lit (or re-lit if they have matches or a lighter--not everything in life is fair)
  • Neon paddle ball competition
  • Juggling Jump (with sports balls)
  • Sudden Death Dance competition
  • Favorite sport yo-yo competition (football, basketball or baseball)
  • Track, field and wings relay (wing-eating competition)
  • Balloon blow competition (one player stretches, one blows, one knots)
  • Air guitar heat (supply a blow-up guitar and song of choice)
  • Watermelon toss and throw (one player tosses to another, etc., last one throws)
  • Toothpick pole vaulting (I'm not sure what this is, but I like the name)
  • Fencing competition (each player must define: feint, lunge, parry and riposte)
  • Triathalon (pick three of the above)