2016 Election Night Watch Party Ideas

While you might have trouble choosing between two terrible candidates this November, it's a no-brainer to throw a wickedly funny election night watch party. As results roll in, resign yourself to the fact that you'll be stuck with either Donald Drumpf or Crooked Hillary for the next four years.  As the end times approach, hunker down in your bunker with family, friends, and plenty of election night fun!  Party411 has all the invitations, decorations, and party supplies you'll need to celebrate the end of America as we know it.

Send Your Election watch party Invitation
Start your Clump Election Party off right with an election night watch party invitation.  Guests will be ready for a partisan smackdown once they see Trump and Clinton face-off in this fun personalized invite!  
Or use a Personalized Election Theme Invitation to add an extra special touch, or these unique patriotic backstage pass invitations are a fun way to give your party the VIP treatment.
Expect your election watch party to last well into the night, so make sure to decide if you're inviting everyone over to watch all the TV coverage or just the best bits. Or, host an open house during election day, so guests can to stop by after they've voted.
Decorate Your Home with Election Party Supplies
This sensational election calls for over-the-top patriotic party decorations. Make sure to deck your party space in red, white, and blue to honor our new commander-in-chief:
  • Place American flags along the sides of the driveway and up the walkway for a grand entrance! Red, white and blue streamers seal the deal.
  • Let Drumpf and Cold Hillary great your guests with an election night watch party photo op.  This Mount Rushmore-style photo op features our two favorite candidates and some spaces for you and your guests! 
  • If you're having a larger party in a ballroom, then flags can be "planted" in red, white and blue flower pots.  Simply fill them with sand and add the flags.
  • Republican Ceiling Swirls and Democratic Ceiling Swirls are an easy way to decorate windows, walls, and mirrors. 
  • Make balloon bouquets with a mixture of red, white and blue latex balloons. Tie them off with red, white and blue ribbon and attach them to patriotic skimmer hats - they make great balloon weights!
  • Set up a tally board or ballot box near the front where guests can guess who they think will win!
  • Don't forget a balloon drop at the end of the night to celebrate the winner!
Personalize Your Party! Place Uncle Sam and/or Mrs. Sam cut outs with your face(s) with a speech bubble welcoming all.
Set Your Table with patriotic election paper goods
While the candidates may be at each other's throats, your guests sure don't have to be!  Make your tables bipartisan with both Republican Cutout Decorations and Democrat Cutout Decorations.  These other party ideas will help make your tables pop:
  • Use patriotic paper goods, like dinner and dessert plates, cups, and red plasticware instead of washing silverware (of course). You can even use flag bandanas for dinner napkins.
  • Fluff and tie the bandanas and add a democrat bead necklace or republican bead necklace as a napkin ring.
  • Have fun with your centerpiece!  Red, white and blue floral centerpieces are always a nice choice. 
  • Balloons are also perfect for an election night.  Using the patriotic skimmer hat as a base, tie on red, white and blue balloons (at different heights) using red, white and blue ribbon.
Decorate your Buffet and Bar
  • A personalized patriotic banner can be used over each buffet (and everyone will know where to find the food- which is always important!)
  • Make sure to hand out election watch party water bottle labels! "The Wall Water" pays homage to Trump's key platform issue. And luckily these labels are "Paid for by Mexico". 
  • Keep spirits high with election night watch party beer bottle labels. Crooked Hillary would jump for a "Private Server Beer". Don't miss out!
  • Make sure to serve a couple of signature mixed drinks, like Trump's Tequila Shots or My Pal Putin's Moscow Mules.  
  • Give your buffet some flair with a patriotic table skirt.

Fun Ideas for Election Night Food Stations

  • Trump Taco Bar: Include a banner that says "I love Hispanics!" Themed food tents can jazz up traditional toppings, like Spray Tan Cheese, Bomb ISIS-berg Lettuce, Tiny Hands Tomatoes, "Believe Me!" Beef, Hot Putin Peppers, Drumpf Doritos, and Groping Guacamole.
  • Chilly Hillary Ice Cream Bar: Perfect for the frigid candidate, toppings can include Crooked Cherries, Hot Fudge (Feel the Bern!), WikiLeaks Whipped Cream, Pneumonia-Nuts, State Secret Sprinkles, and Email Mallows.
  • Vegan Veggie Tray (since Bill is vegan) with hummus dip
  • Watch the Candidates WAFFLE BAR: Buy premade Belgian waffles or break out the waffle maker, lay out plenty of toppings.
  • Vice Presidential Snacks: Poke fun at our boring vice presidential candidates with bowls of chips and pretzels on appetizer and side tables. Food tents that say "Plain Pence Pretzels" and "Plain Kaine Chips" will get a few laughs!

Blue Vs. Red Drink Station: Set up a dueling drink station with red and blue drink options.

election night party games
Have as much fun as pundits on election night by playing a few watch party games. Guests can quickly countdown to the end of election night with games designed to get them in on the action!

Buzzword Bingo

As your guests watch the election night circus, make sure they play Buzzword Bingo! Have guests mark squares once they see or hear each type of political jargon stereotype.  Hand out fun democrat and republican bead necklaces as prizes!  



Download our Blank Buzzword Bingo Sheet


Need ideas for each Bingo square? Try these: Undecideds, double down, game changer, to close to call, billionaire businessman, standing by, polls are closing, Crooked Hillary, Believe me, a twitter quote, blue states, red states, % of precincts reporting, 1 percent, swing states, electoral map, incumbent, underdog, battleground, down ballot candidate, referendum, concession speech.

"Who Said It?" 2016 Campaign Game

Pass out this free printable election night game as your waiting for votes to be counted!  Match these campaign phrases with the correct candidate. You'll be surprised by who said what!  The player with the most correct matches wins!




Pin the Tail Games

  • Liar, Liar Pin the Pantuit on Fire: Pin this stylish pantsuit on Crooked Hillary again and again!  
  • Pin the "Harrible" Hair on Don: Make sure The Donald is ready for his acceptance speech.  Pin on his perfect coif!

Election Night Drinking Game

One Sip for
Every pundit on a split screen.
Time someone says "270".
Time someone says "Undecideds".
Someone manipulating a giant touch-screen map.
Every person not wearing a flag pin.

One Drink for
Every time the words “Benghazi” or “email” are uttered.
When any state is “still too close to call.”
Any reporter who says "standing by".
When a state has polls closing.

Two Drinks if
Giant touch-screen map malfunctions.
"Unbiased" anchor looks upset by results.
They play a clip of Trump and he refers to himself in the third person.
They show a candidate's spouse.

Finish Your Beer when
An anchor awkwardly fills in time due to technical mishap.
Somebody blames Clinton.
Camera cuts away to someone not paying attention.
Exit polls are even (ie 50% and 50%).

Do a Shot
When results are official in your state.
When you see confetti.

You'll want to hand out patriotic prizes to all of the winners! Patriotic tattoos, USA sunglasses, and republican and democrat slap bracelets are fun favors for all ages! 

election night party Favors to Say "Thanks for coming!"
Decorate your guests wtih our Stars and Stripes Spirit of America Kit, complete with tiaras, top hats, leis and throws.  You may want to pass out a few more favors during the party.  What about a few sets of patriotic beads or some LED flag pins?

Have a great election night, and just remember, if your candidate loses, you can always move to Canada!