Dance Club Theme Party

A club theme party is all about the music! Create your own club with this party theme and you've got the perfect Sweet 16, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthday party or other special event party!

Club Party Invitations
Invite everyone to your club with special backstage access with a personalized backstage pass invitation. Backstage passes are now available laminated with a black lanyard, so your guests can wear them to the big event! We will also include a white padded envelope to mail these special passes!

Or have custom caricature drawn to use for your invites! Have the celebrant standing on stage at the club, surrounded by people dancing. Or, have them as the bouncer at the entrance to the club. The possibilities are endless with this one of a kind invitation. (You can then use the art for a great centerpiece for your party)

dance club Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Start with a fabulous entrance. Roll out the red carpet for your guests. Hang a sign by the doors with the club name and "No Entry without Backstage Passes!" Hopefully your guests remembered their invitations! Have someone (big!) man the door wearing a dark suit, sunglasses and holding a list of everyone who was invited. You could even rent velvet ropes and have your bouncer stop people every once in a while as a joke. Or, have a lifesize cutout of a bouncer with a speech bubble greeting your guests.
A great sign in for this area is a graffiti wall. Put out Sharpie markers in as many colors as you can find and a large piece of foamcore for everyone to sign. Make sure it has the celebrant's name on it somewhere in big handwriting.

Give each guest who enters some great glow jewelry and glow sticks to use inside the club.
This party is best with a DJ or someone great to play the music. If you've hired a DJ, see if they can bring a large screen to play videos during the party. Along with music videos, many are able to have a live feed of the party action showing on the screens during the party. People will love seeing themselves dancing on the big screen! The screen is a fun add on and doubles as cool decor!

For a larger party, hire a lighting company or ask your DJ about special lighting for the party. Turn the lights down and wash the walls in color. It will really enhance the club feel. Want to go really crazy? Have them change out the lights for black lights and watch as everything white in the room glows.
If you can't bring in special lighting, here are a few great decorations and till give your party room the "club" atmosphere you are looking for - 
You will have that club look going in no time!
club theme Table Decorations
A club theme party is obviously NOT a sit down party. You can forget the centerpieces and larger tables and have high top tables around the room. Have food stations or a buffet and let your guests eat whenever and wherever they want! They might be so busy dancing, that they forget to eat!
Paper goods are always the easiest (and brightest!) option for a party.  There are great rock star theme paper goods.  
If you're ready to go all out, talk to a local party supply rental company about glow tables. They are new and very cool and your guests will go NUTS for them!

Light up spike bracelets or silver chain necklaces make great napkin rings. And, you know these won't get tossed! Put a different one at each place and I bet your guests will choose their seat based on the necklace they like the best! 

What you can have is a great bar! Make sure you have a mix of adult beverages and well as some virgin "mocktails" for any underage guests. We love to get one of those frozen drink machines and serve all of our concoctions in great light up barware!
    dance club Party Games and Activities
    Host a dance off! Your DJ or you can lead this game. Play classics like Grandmaster Flash and LL Cool J and more current hip hop music. As your guests "break it down," the DJ can tap people on the shoulder and ask them to sit down. That last man (or woman!) dancing, wins!

    Another great music game is a lip sync and karaoke game. Sing or lip sync (mouth the words along with the music) to your favorite Hip Hop tunes. Prize goes to the best act.

    Dance Party Favors
    The perfect Hip Hop party favor is a personalized CD complete with 8-10 songs of your choice and a personalized CD cover.

    No club theme party is complete without the following. You don't have to do it all, but you have to do some.
    So gather all your friends for a great dance club party!