Luau Games

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Tasty food and sweet drinks with umbrella straws are the start to a fun luau. But a great luau party needs some luau activities and luau party games. Enjoy!

The Limbo
You can’t have a luau party without the limbo. A great luau game for kids. It’s a true classic.


  • Luau Music CD’s
  • Limbo Kit

To Play


  • Clear out an area large enough for all of your guests and of course the limbo stick.
  • Play luau music like Jimmy Buffet, reggae, or any steel drum band music to get the party going.
  • Set up the limbo stick, you can use a bamboo pole available at a hardware store or you can use a broomstick without the broom.
  • Have two people hold each end and everyone else gets in a line and once the music starts the games begin.
  • Each time the pole gets lower and lower.
  • See how low your guests can go! The one who goes the lowest wins.

Mai Tai Limbo
You can spice up the limbo by adding in Mai Tai’s to the mix. Mai Tai’s are a traditional Hawaiian drink made with a combination of rum, lime and orange juice, sugar syrup and orange liquor. The original recipe is found here.

To Play



  • Give everyone a Mai Tai in a tequila glass.
  • Before going under the limbo stick each guest takes a sip. And they have to hold the glass as they limbo.
  • Whoever spills their drink loses and whoever makes it to the lowest level while holding their Mai Tai wins.


Hula Hoop Spin Off
This is another great luau game for the kids (both old and young).
  • Hula-Hoops One for Each Guest
  • Luau Music CD’s

To play


  • First, purchase a whole bunch of hula-hoops in bright colors.
  • Give all of your guests a hula-hoop.
  • Have all of the guests hula-hoop to the best of their ability to music.
  • The person who hula-hoops the longest wins. You can give out prizes for the most creative hula-hoop, worst hula-hoop, and most rhythmic hula-hoop.

Another idea, is to have your guests wear big fruit hats as they hula-hoop. Whoever hula-hoops the longest while wearing a fruit hat wins. Whoever loses the hat, well they lose.

Tacky Tourist Relay



  • Tourist Gear: beach hats, snorkels, Aloha shirts, flip-flops, muumuus, pails, big sunglasses, fins, sun tan lotion, shell necklaces, and other items.
  • You’ll need close to matching attire for the teams. A thrift store is a great place to go to find any of this gear.
  • Tiki Pole
  • Tiki Torches

To Play



  • Place two sets of the tourist gear in two piles. This is the starting line.
  • Put a marker, such as a chair, inflatable palm tree or tiki pole at a far distance from the starting line. This is the finish line, which everyone has to run around.
  • Divide guests into two teams.
  • The first player for each team puts on the tourist gear then runs down to the marker and back again.
  • When they get to the start/finish line they take off the gear and the next awaiting team member puts the gear on and races to the markers.
  • Whichever team is finished first wins the tacky tourist relay race. With this game, don’t forget to pull out the camera. A picture of Uncle Sal in a snorkel, fins, and a muumuu= priceless!

Colorful Hawaiian Shirt/Dress Runway Show
Invite your guests to put on a runway show in their favorite luau costumes. On the invitation indicate that there will be a runway show for all those who dress in their most colorful luau costume.




  • Pieces of Paper
  • Luau Music CD’s

To Play



  • Set up a place to do the runway.
  • Find three judges and give them all numbers from 1-10 on paper for them to rise up when the models come down the runway.
  • Have all of the guests line up.
  • As each guest walks down the judges give their score. The winner is the one with the highest points and the best luau costume!




  • Fresh fruit basket with tropical fruit.
  • Jimmy Buffet and other luau-esque music CD’s
  • Bottle of rum to make some Mai Tai’s
  • Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts and Coffee
  • Hawaiian shirt or muumuu
  • Hawaiian themed movies and shows, such as Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Blue Hawaii, or Hawaii Five-O.
  • For the kids, give out leis, flip-flops, sunglasses, and necklaces.