Fall Harvest Party

Hay rides, apple picking, singing songs by the campfire... We love Fall and think it's a great season (and a great reason!) to get together with family and friends and celebrate.  Plan a Fall harvest party for your family and friends or even your local school, church, temple or office group.  This event is designed to be held at a local orchard or pumpkin patch.


Fall harvest party Invitation
For fun and personalized invitations choose a personalized fall harvest invitation that screams fun and will get everyone excited for the party.  If the party is being held outside, be sure to let people know so that they can come dressed for the weather.

Want to get the kids involved? Give them red, orange and yellow paper, and let them create fall leaves invitations. Write the party information on the back. Or they can do a leaf rubbing by placing a piece of paper over a leaf, turning a crayon on its side and gently rubbing over the paper.


Fall harvest party Decorations and Party Supplies
If your party is being held at a local orchard, you'll want to check out your venue before deciding on decorations.  Maybe it is a huge barn and is perfect as is so you won't need a ton of decorations. They may even lend you pumpkins, bales of hay and buckets of apples to decorate with.  (Or see if you can buy these items and use them as fun party favors.) 

Fall harvest party Table Decorations and Menu

This party should be fun and easy and that means easy clean up too!  Start with fun fall paper goods for your guests.  Be sure to get extra napkins.


You'll want to keep your tables pretty simple.  Long wooden picnic tables work really well for this kind of party, since people will eat and head back to the activities.  You can have simple centerpieces with small baskets filled with apples.  That makes a nice addition to the meal as well.  Add a snack with small bowls with candy corn.  Yum!

For dinner, there is no reason to do anything other than simple!  If it's a large group, order pizzas and salad and let people grab food on the run.  You may want to keep dinner simple, but this is a great party for dessert! Here are some delicious ideas for dessert:
  • Apple fritters
  • Maple donuts
  • Caramel apples (with adult supervision, the kids can make these!)
  • Pumpkin pie
See why you need the extra napkins?

Fall harvest Party Activities

There are so many fun activities at a Fall harvest party.  Let people take turns taking hayrides throughout the orchards.  See if you can find someone to lead songs with a guitar while on the ride.
Those people waiting for their turn can make s'mores by the campfire.  You remember how to make s'mores, right? Roast a marshmallow on a stick and make a sandwich of 2 graham crackers, squares of chocolate and the melted marshmallow.  We love to give out "s'more kits" at our Fall parties.  In a small gift bag, place 2 marshmallows, a few graham graham crackers and a personalized fall theme candy bar wrapper wrapped around a delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar.
Don't forget apple picking.  Give the kids and parents their own basket and let them pick apples directly from trees.  They can even decorate their baskets with their name before heading into the orchard.
If there are kids at the party, make sure to have plenty of options for arts and crafts at the party.  Most party stores have fall bead kits so the kids can make necklaces and keychains.  Let the kids decorate small pumpkins with markers, stickers and other art supplies. 

Fall harvest Party Favors

Everyone will be going home with their arts and crafts, pumpkins and apples, but you may want to send them home with one more small gift to say thanks for coming.  A personalized mint or candy tin with a message of thanks is a perfect choice.