Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

It’s that time of the year again, fundraiser time! What’s a better fundraiser than a pancake breakfast? Not a whole lot if you ask me! Who doesn’t like eating a nice plate of pancakes with syrup and butter while helping a good cause? It’s a win-win and an excellent way to spend your morning.

Pancake Fundraiser Invitation
Round up family and friends with a great personalized pancake invitation, of course complete with pancakes!  Make sure to include the cause and of course what else they can expect at the fundraiser. Is there going to be a silent auction? A live auction? Or even a raffle?  Allow guests to buy raffle tickets at a lesser price if they are purchased with the RSVP to the benefit. This allows those people who cannot attend the event the option of buying a raffle ticket and thus making a donation. Throw in some confetti with the invitation to make the invitation and event even more exciting. All are excellent ideas and will be a great side to your pancakes!

You might also want to consider more aggressive promotion to gather even more people. To attract as many customers as possible we suggest that you advertise, advertise, advertise! Consider putting up roadside signs and placing an advertisement in the community paper or newsletter. We also like the idea of a press release explaining why you are raising funds and other pertinent details.

Pancake Fundraiser Tips

We want your pancake fundraiser to go as smooth as your batter so here are a few tips you should keep in mind while planning your event.
  • When choosing a date check the calendar for school events and other holidays. You don’t want to schedule your event when there is a major town event. You want to be the major event!
  • Decide if you want to have continuous serving or set times for serving. Either way works, just make sure everybody knows and is ready.
  • See if you can get the space for the fundraiser donated. Oftentimes churches, community centers or even schools may allow you to use their kitchens and space for a small percentage of the proceeds or a small fee. It is better to find a place that will provide tables and chairs; renting them is expensive!
  • Break your volunteers into crews; one for setup, cooking, serving and cleanup. You will also need someone at door to take tickets or to sell tickets, and someone to announce/run the raffle or auction if you are having them. Just make sure to save them some food for afterwards.
  • Purchase pancake mixes, paper goods, plastic silverware and all the sundries at a wholesale club or restaurant supply store. Some companies offer rebates to fundraising groups!
  • Check with your local Health Department, some of your crew will probably need Food Handlers Permits.

These tips will get you on your way for a very successful pancake fundraiser.

Pancake Fundraiser Decorations and Party Supplies

A personalized pancake banner is a must for this fundraiser. Remind the participants of the cause they are so graciously supporting. If your fundraiser is an annual event you can keep the banner for every upcoming year.  You could even consider having those who have benefited from the fundraising to sign the back so everyone can see how many people have been positively affected.

You need to create a uniform approach during the event. Consider having all the volunteers wearing the same shirt showing their support for the cause. (Think Race for the Cure.) If this is for a youth group and they have uniforms have them wear them as they move around the hall.

Pancake Fundraiser Party Table and Menu
Pancakes will definitely be on the menu.  Feel free to add more breakfast items if you want, such as bacon or muffins. Just don’t forget the syrup (warmed of course) and butter for the pancakes. That is a must for the fundraiser.

Offer a selection of juices and coffee. You can’t forget the coffee. Some people can not function without it and you want everyone nice and chipper. Of course some people prefer water in the morning. Why not use water bottles with personalized water bottle labels? This is a nice personal touch to the fundraiser.
We suggest disposable tableware. You have a lot going on; you don't need to add washing dishes to the list! Make sure your tableware matches with the color themes of your organization. Red gingham paper goods are a great choice!

Pancake Fundraiser Party Games And Activities
A lot of your games and activities will depend on who you are raising funds for. If this is for a band, set up a stage in the corner so everyone can hear them play, before and after breakfast has been served.

If it is for a youth group, display photos of everything they do and have done. You can have them working the crowd. Have them help make the pancakes, and walking around and refilling juice and coffee. People will feel better seeing the little ones helping in the event.

If you are having a raffle, put the raffle prize on display. (Try to make the raffle prize great, like a fabulous cruise or large screen color TV. Sell the on-site tickets for 25 percent more.) Right before the raffle, send out the kids to work the crowd and sell a few more tickets. Who can say no to an adorable child?

If you are doing a silent auction make sure all of your guests know where the items are located. Make sure your guests have enough time to view the auctioned items and of course enjoy their pancakes. Encourage them to donate but don’t pressure anyone into anything they don’t want to do.

If you garnered enough items and can have a live auction and a silent auction you should announce the winners of the silent auction right before you start the live auction. An entertaining and engaging emcee is a must for the live auction.  You need someone with enough energy to fire up the crowd for the cause.
For whichever type of fundraiser you are having place an assortment of balloons around all of the prizes. This will help draw the guests attention and interest.

Party Favors
Here at feel a personalized candy bar wrapper is a great party favor. The candy is delicious, and will give you fond memories of the fundraiser after the event has passed.

Have a great time at your pancake fundraiser!