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personalized casino theme invitation
personalized casino royale invitation
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dice balloons
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black felt gangster hat
black felt gangster hat
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dice beads
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Casino Royale Party Ideas

Looking for a little action? Glitz and glamour? Gambling? Showgirls? Fun? Gambling? Food and drinks? More gambling? These Casino Royale party ideas are a gala way to entertain large groups, and this makes a great corporate event or FUNd-raiser, too! If you play your cards right, your guests will be treated royally and you'll be the talk of the town! Look out Las Vegas! Move over Monte Carlo! Casino Royale, here we come…

Casino Royale Invitations has some wonderful casino theme invitations you can personalize for your party. Sprinkle a little red and black confetti in the envelope for added sparkle.


Here is some fun wording for your "Casino Royal" invitation:
Her Majesty's Secret Service invites you
to a night of dinner, drinks and games at the Casino Royale
Hosted by Miss Moneypenny (Kathleen) and 007 (Sam)
Let us know if your shaken but not stirred enough to attend

If you’re looking to make an unforgettable impression a great idea is having your picture put on personalized money! Include some "money" in your invitations for the first round of drinks.

If your Casino Party is a FUNd-raiser, you'll want to include auction information and times on the invitation. Dressing up adds to the festivities of the royal evening, so you may wish to note on your invitation that this is a black tie (or black tie optional) affair.

Casino Royale Decorations and Party Supplies
You're on a roll…To make your party successful, carry out the casino theme throughout the evening. As your guests enter the hall or party room, have them walk through a red and black balloon archway (if you are not that ambitious just flank the doorway with dice balloons).

If you are in a big room (think church basement) or you have big walls think about setting the scene with some colorful, and inexpensive, scene setters.

What's a Casino Party without cold, hard cash? Hand out packets of bogus bills as your guests arrive. If your Casino Party is a fund-raiser, after your guests go bust, they can purchase additional "money" and continue playing. At the end of the evening guests can participate in an auction with their winnings.

Casino Theme Table Decorations and Menu
If you're serving dinner, you'll want to have seating cards. Set out casino themed seating cards or you can make your own with white card stock. Either way attaching mini playing cards or mini dice to each one will be a huge WOW factor.


White linens for the tables, topped with cloth squares of red or black make a handsome room, and nice white china and flatware trimmed in glittering silver or gold add to the glitz and glitter. If you prefer paper products, go with black, red or casino paper goods.



A few more great casino royale party ideas for your table:


  • Want a really unique casino theme centerpiece? Turn black felt gangster hats upside down and fill them with bogus bills, playing cards, and glow jewelry. Everyone will have a great time dressing up!
  • Sprinkle tables with confetti and wrap your silverware into bundles using a napkin and a string of dice beads.
The little touches really will make the party fantastic!
The menu is really up to you. You can have anything from a full-blown 7-course dinner or elegant buffet to serving munchies throughout the evening, with coffee and dessert at the end.

The real question is what to serve to drink? If you're making toasts, circulate champagne (maybe in light up champagne glasses?) on trays. A signature drink is one of our favorite casino royale party ideas:

This recipe is straight from the 1953 novel Casino Royale


  • Three measures of Gordon's Gin
  • One measure of vodka
  • Half a measure of Lillet (or dry vermouth)

Shake until ice cold and serve in a deep champagne goblet or martini glass with a large, thin slice of lemon peel.

With the booze flowing and the gambling going you can bet your guests will have the time of their lives! Want to add some sizzle to your Casino Party? Modeling agencies can supply fabulous showgirls to walk around the game tables and serve champagne to your guests—unless you want to do the posing (oo-la-la!).

Casino Games & Activities
This is the fun part. Rent casino gaming equipment from local vendors. They'll have set ups for Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Wheels of Fortune and Roulette tables. They may even have a list of dealers you can hire to run the games. An alternative to renting talent is to tap volunteers from your own group to man the tables in shifts. Think how cute they'll look, wearing a dealer's vest. You can check out our casino party games for all of the rules.

Hosting a fund-raiser? Use the evening's gambling theme to your advantage and hold an auction at the end of the night. You'll want to have the donated items and services you and your volunteers solicit in advance displayed throughout the evening. Set them up in a special part of the room, labeled with donors' names -- everyone likes to be appreciated! At the designated hour, close the games, invite everyone for dessert and coffee, and then hold your auction. Depending on the values of your gifts, and the values of your bogus bills, you might want to allow attendees to supplement their winnings (or lack thereof) with their own real money, in order to get in on the bidding. Remind them it's for a worthy cause and watch the wild bidding begin!

Casino Party Favors
It's always nice to leave a fabulous party with a memento of the evening. Then as you guests are leaving, send them home with a personalized casino candy bar.


Or, if you had valet parking, have your valets place a poker chip keychain on your guest's keys. This will be one casino party that no one will ever forget!