the day after prom

The day after prom and after after prom is usually an extension of, guess what? More prom! More togetherness. More time with your friends! Usually at an amusement park or a sports complex. Have you ever thought of doing something other than going to the local Six Flags or softball park?

Here are just a few ideas you might want to consider…

Amusement Park
Six Flags or any other close amusement park is a very popular after prom activity. It is a fun way to unwind with everyone all day. Have matching t-shirts printed up that say "West High School's After Prom" (with your school info of course). And make sure you take advantage of the group ticket rates.

A trip to the zoo is exciting if all of your friends are there! Make it into a potluck picnic by renting out the pavilion or picnic area, and have everyone bring a little something to eat or drink.

Work off all of the after prom energy with a game of paintball. A game of guys versus gals is always fun. Don't forget to take a few paint splattered group pictures after the game; more fantastic prom memories!

Indoor Waterpark
It may not be warm enough for the real thing just yet, but an indoor waterpark can be just as fun as an outdoor one! The water slides and wave pool will keep the whole group busy all day long.

Mini Golf
Miniature golf is the perfect low key after-prom activity. It is inexpensive, and it lends itself to couples teams. Many mini golf's have other fun activities like batting cages, arcades, laser tag and go-karts.

Hold a Charity Event
You want prom to last forever and it can, but why not make it worthwhile? Think about hosting a carnival for special needs kids. Or a car wash where the proceeds go to a local children’s hospital. Most likely you can get local vendors to donate games and supplies (even food)…and you can have a great time and feel good about it!

Go to a Festival or other Special Event
Check your local paper for things going on and make that an extension of your prom weekend. As spring flows into summer you’ll find all sorts of things: maple sugar festivals, spring festivals and outdoor concerts, fairs, art fests and more. It’s certainly something different than the average amusement park, plus there’s usually great food and fun things to do.

Beach Volleyball
Go to the beach. Play beach volleyball, a game of twister and have a sand castle competition. End with a big bonfire and s'mores.

A Picnic
I know. Sounds lame. But a picnic can be great fun. Make it a picnic breakfast. It can be like going back to camp. Sack races, relay games, softball, frisbee…or just lounging around collecting butterflies and lightning bugs! You can even hose down an area and make an impromptu mud slide.

Have fun, from the Party Girl and Party411!