school dance fundraising ideas

Most likely, the prom committee is going to have to raise money with the class to pay for the dance. Usually, the ticket price just doesn’t cover it. Here are some ideas besides the usual school fundraising programs like selling magazines, candy and gift wrap.

1. A Gym-Sized Garage Sale or Tail Gate Garage Sale
Have your classmates and their parents load up all their unusable stuff and bring it to the city’s largest garage sale, hosted by you at the school. Do it tail-gate style and let people sell out of their trunks or do it in the gym. Outside, for extra cash, offer to wash cars, sell food items (you can get them donated) or offer a pay-per-chore service. Never underestimate the value of having an audience, so grab all opportunities while you can.

2. A Special Event
A Battle of the Bands, an ice cream social, bingo night, or maybe a Casino Night (real money pays for play money which pays for prizes); all work for raising dollars and having fun!

3. Tickets
Poll the class and see whose parents have extraordinary tickets to football, baseball and basketball games (and others). Maybe someone even has a loge. See if they will give your committee the tickets they aren’t using so that you can auction them off. I’ve done this by mail, and it works really well.

4. Souvenir add-ons
Imprinted picture frames, photo cubes, photo key chains, candles, picture albums; these are all items that can be sold during the year, with the tickets to the event or as part of a special package. This is a great way for you to raise more money for your homecoming.

5. Car Wash
Get a group together for a car wash. Have a few members from the marching band stand on the sidewalk and play some load music while other fundraisers hold the ubiquitous "Car Wash" signs. That will really get the attention of the drivers!

6. Hold a Raffle
Procure donations from local businesses and community members. Sell tickets and let the community win great prizes (while you raise money for your dance!)