Prom theme ideas

Prom, Homecoming and School Dance Themes and Ideas

Here are some creative ideas you can banter around at your next Prom meeting! Decide your theme, decide your budget and then go for it. Most of all, have fun creating this fabulous evening.

Starry, Starry Night
Stars are such a great theme. You can easily decorate (stars come in balloons, cut-outs, candles and "b" lights) without spending a lot of money. Consider a lit star and moon arch kit at the door. Some other things that work well are columns with stars atop, Mylar star balloon centerpieces, large Mylar stars floating on the ceiling, large stars center table under the centerpiece, an archway covered with stars for your photo opportunity and lots of star sprays here, there and everywhere. Hang star banners from the ceiling and add star cloud clusters with latex balloons covered with stars coming from above.
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This is a great theme and there is so much available to execute it. A backdrop that says "Hollywood" just like the one in the Hollywood Hills will really set the stage. Large film reels, a celebrity star walkway, old-style movie cameras, large rolls of paper film to use for decorations and even spotlights you can build all add to the glamour and allure. Disposable cameras on the table are a must.

Have everyone walk the red carpet as the grand entrance. Everybody will feel like a star at this prom!
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Mardi Gras/Masquerade
I love Mardi Gras. It’s colorful, it’s easy and it’s fun. Using purple, green and yellow streamers, masks, banners and other touches, you can create a carnival atmosphere without even trying. Add a Mardi Gras party kit, and your classmates will have the time of their lives—hats, noisemakers, feathers and beads for all. There’s even Mardi Gras Mylar curtain with all three colors of streamers for a fabulous backdrop. Give people masks—and let them arrive incognito, at least at the beginning! Top the tables with green plates, purple napkins and gold garland napkin rings. Inexpensive and fun. As your photo opportunity, you may want to consider oversized Mardi Gras full face and half masks (some as big as 8’ tall).

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It’s A Jungle Out There
You can make jungle vines, jungle grass swinging arches, palms and other props from several kits. There are lion and tiger cut-outs, fabulous green gossamer and tissue shreds trees, plus purple and green balloons available to design your motif. Add some moss-covered trees to make a lush jungle and you’re all set.

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Tropical Paradise/Luau
It’s like a beach party, but far more elegant. Set up a grass hut, palm trees, a back drop of the ocean and sand-colored gossamer to create a prom paradise. Add a cascading waterfall using metallic blue sheeting and you have a terrific photo opportunity. Skirt the tables with grass skirting, give out tiki glasses, even put a cut-out of a Tahitian God in the corner. Hang seagulls from the ceiling, add paradise flowers and a few seashells, some marine blue background paper and metallic blue paper for water and you’re done! If you have the time, you may want to make an island in the center of the room (another great photo opportunity or a place for your king and queen to rest!). You may even want to provide leis, beachcomber hats and grass skirts for fabulous pix as well.
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Midnight in the Garden
Romantic to the hilt. Lots of trees, a bridge, shrubs, a bench or two, and twinkle lights everywhere. Add some fake grass, hang dark green and blue gossamer from the ceiling to make it look dark and romantic.

Have everyone enter under a garden trellis, and take pictures by a waterfall. Set a centerpiece on each table brimming with roses and ivy. A 3-tiered fountain will make a stunning focal point.
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Under the Sea
Using fish netting, a seascape mural or two, metallic blue sheeting, and shells, you can make even the most boring room into Atlantis! There is a giant cut-out of King Neptune available (complete with pitchfork) and plant life kits. Use an aquamarine background paper on the walls and floor to make it look like it’s 20,000 leagues under the sea! Finally, using clear balloons, you can create bubbles anywhere and everywhere around the room. By the way, a good balloon sculptor should be able to make you any number of sea creatures.
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Egyptian Desert
There are pyramid kits, hieroglyph arch kits, sphinx kits and more to help you set the tone. Add oversized Egyptian fans set atop columns, a camel cut-out and a desert mural for an ancient Egyptian look. You may even want to build your own oasis.
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Paris in the Spring
is there anywhere that’s more romantic? Frankly, no. You can build an Eiffel Tower with lights, create your own Champs-Elysées with rented white light-covered fichus trees, benches, little cafes, cut-outs of street artists, waiters and more. Plus you can put up a directional sign that points people to the Louvre, the Picasso Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, Disneyland Paris and other Paris landmarks.
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All that Jazz
Cut-outs of jazz players, black and white balloons imprinted with musical notes, sax and trumpet cut-outs to hang from the ceiling with silvery 3’ musical notes all make this theme worth doing. Since most jazz clubs were decorated in black and white in the 20’s and 30’s, stick with that.

Decorate the tables with black and gold linens, and scatter a few votives surrounded by strings of pearls for centerpieces. Provide fedoras for the guys, and feather boas for the gals when it is time for a photo op.

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Casino Royale
This theme keeps you busy, that’s for sure. You’ll need to seek out some help with the tables and the dealers, so you may want to find a local gaming company. But, this is one theme that’s always a hit. Blackjack tables, over/under wheels and other games are fun! fun! fun! Have the committee get prizes donated and distribute play money to all that attend. They can then use their winnings to buy things in a souvenir shop or for a raffle. Pass out chocolate dice, dice beads and other favors. Decorate with dice balloons, oversized playing cards, hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Colors should be red and black—balloon bouquets can fill the room wherever it needs help. Have fun with it—it’s an easy theme to pull off.
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Treasure Bay
Create a pirate island paradise with this fun theme! Palm trees with twinkle lights are everywhere. A massive 8' high and 16' wide ship makes a stunning focal point for your room. Blue gossamer makes a beautiful ocean backdrop.

The tables are adorned with coconut votives, tissue pineapples and pirate treasure (gold coins and beaded necklaces). Ooooh, can I come?
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Wild Wild West
Nothing better than a western theme for a great party. Again, everyone gets to dress western, wear a sheriff's badge (with their name on it), do fun things with their kerchiefs and chow down on a chuckwagon menu (hamburgers and such--inexpensive!!). First drink can be in a glass boot mug, and you can pass out colored cowboy hats. Decorate with straw bales, giant corn shocks and more. Just like an old-fashioned barn dance, this theme is great fun and everyone who attends can dress "farm"--overalls, straw hats… Not the usual event… think about getting a caller and doing some square dances. Have a photo opportunity with bales of hay and a cow (a prop, of course) with a stool so guests can have a picture of themselves milking. Corny but fun.

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Retro Romance
Hippies unite. Being a 60's child, of course I would pick this for my homecoming theme. The smile faces make it and the balloons and daisies bring the room alive with yellows, pinks, purples and all the colors of Woodstock. Tell your guests to get out those bell bottoms and tie-dyed shirts. Give out hippie headbands with a peace sign in the center, get a DJ who knows the 60's music and perhaps build a wall with autographs and words from songs of Crosby, Stills and Nash, the Doors, the Stones and others. Then put on your tinted John Lennon glasses for a great party.
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Rockin' Round the Clock
A good old-fashioned 1950's sock hop is very in these days. Old jukeboxes, a penny candy area, a photo opportunity in a 57 Chevy (call your local auto museum for names of people who rent theirs out), socks with your school name, a giant sundae on the dance floor and poodles skirts and leather jackets…

You always wanted to be a greaser, right? Now's the time!
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Evening In The Orient
Capture the romance of the Far East with an Asian theme. Picture everything in red, black or gold. Lanterns hanging over the dance floor are the perfect illumination. An 18’ long balloon dragon is a dramatic focal point.

A Chinese food buffet is a fantastic menu, and so easy to do! (Don't forget the take-out boxes) Provide chopsticks for those who are daring enough to try, and forks for those who wouldn't dare risk their clothing!
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