Travel Theme Graduation Party Ideas

travel theme Graduation party Invitations
 Since the theme of this party is travel and celebrating the graduate's new journey, select an invite that reflects both of these things! Here are some of our favorite options:
    • Travel Theme Graduation Invitations - These have a fun boarding pass style and you can customize all the wording.
    • Passport Invitations - These are fully customizable, so add a photo of your grad and stamps to reflect their journey.
    • Make your own! If you want to get creative and make your own invites here are a few ideas to get you started:
      • Luggage tags - create a custom invite in the shape of a luggage tag. Add a bit of bakers twine and a coordinating envelope.
      • Vintage maps - hit the thrift stores and incorporate old maps for a great travel theme
      • Postcards - perfect for a travel theme. Pick some up from the town where your grad is going off to college.
    Here are a few things to think about as you are hammering out the who, when and where details -
    • When planning a graduation party, timing is everything! June and July are busy months for parties... other graduations, weddings and summer BBQs. Ask your most important guests (Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles) to check their calendars beforehand to make sure they will be able to be there. 
    • Set a budget. Graduation parties can get expensive if you let them get away from you. A budget will help you to decide where you are having the party, how many people you are inviting, and what you will serve them (ordering from a caterer, organizing family for potluck, or doing it all yourself).
    • If you can host a large party then go for it! Such a major milestone should really be celebrated! I always start with my holiday card list to cover family and family friends. Then add other important people in your grad's life... neighbors, the graduate’s friends (and the parents of close friends), favorite teachers and even coaches.
    • Decide on the guest list, date and time as soon as possible. The earlier you send the invitations better the turnout will be!
    • An open house party is where guests are expected to come and go as they please, and can span a longer time to accommodate different schedules.
    • Invitations to a graduation party can also be mailed with graduation announcements (save a stamp).
    Graduation Decorations and Party Supplies
     There are many easy and fun ways to decorate your space for a graduation party: 
    • Near the entrance to the party set up "customs". Maybe a banner that says "Customs - Amy's Graduation Party, Do you have anything to declare?" Add balloons to this area to draw everyone's attention.
    • Right after the Customs entrance set up a sign in area. Here are a few fun options that are prefect for a travel them- 
      • A graduation sign in board is a classic way to let guests leave message to the grad.  You can have it read "Travel advice for Brian and well wishes for his journey!"
      • A guest book photo frame is also fun... guests sign the matte surrounding a picture of the grad from vacation. Make sure to buy smudge free markers!
      • For a grad who is going away to college, have guests fill out postcards! Then you can mail them a few at a time to the dorm.
      • Create a photo scrapbook with a travel theme and leave places for friends and family to fill in messages.
    • Clear inflatable globes make wonderful decorations for a travel theme graduation
    • If you decide to make the party all about the graduate and want their photo everywhere. Enlarge travel theme picture for the grad and mount them on foamcore. You can also decorate with personalized graduation luminary bags.

    Here are a few of our favorites:
    We know you will enjoy these and that they will work great for your party. Check out all of the 2014 graduation decorations that are available!
    Graduation Table Decorations
    Your best bet is to use disposable paper goods at a graduation party. White Chinet is fine, but you can kick your decorations up a notch by using graduation themed paper goods. Even if you just go with themed napkins and dessert plates it makes a big statement:
    • Confetti - make some from a large paper punch (craft store) and a few old maps (thrift store)
    • Balloons - White balloons grouped like clouds would look wonderful with a few toy airplanes scattered in them.
    • Travel Signs -  Create a few signs with places the grad has gone or would like to visit "Paris 3000 mi" or use these international city signs
    • Table Covers - For your tables take a colored table cloth and put a clear one over it... in between put pictures of the grad on vacation and traveling through the years. You can also include ticket stubs and maps to add interest. The clear table cloth keeps everything from getting messy!
    Centerpieces are also a fun way to liven up your tables and carry the theme through the party:
    • Small suitcases with balloons tied to the handle
    • Set up each table with a different travel theme and decorate accordingly. You can do different countries (China, England, Australia) or National Parks (Everglades, Yosemite, Grand Canyon) or modes of travel (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)
    • White balloons under inflated and grouped to look like clouds with a small toy airplane as a balloon weight
    If your not up to creating your own centerpieces, here are a few more options:
    Don't forget to theme your food and decorate your buffets! This theme is perfect for having country or region specific food stations.
    • Italy - Pizza, pasta salad, anti-pasta. Decorate with clear jars of dry pasta and jars of sauce.
    • Mexico - Taco or burrito bar. Fill a sombrero hat rim with chips and add a few Mexican flags.
    • China - Chinese takeout, egg rolls, lo mien, all the favorites. Decorate with takeout boxes, chopsticks and fortune cookies.
    • Japan - Sushi (get a tray from Costco or the like)
    • Middle Eastern - Hummous, Tabbouleh and Babagannough with pita chips and pita bread
    • French - French pastries and desserts, cheese and crudities
    • New York - Bagel bar and cheesecake
    • New England - Clam chowder
    • Philadelphia - Cheesesteak
    • Chicago - Deep dish pizza
    • New Orleans -  Shrimp and crawfish with dirty rice, gumbo
    • Southern - Fried green tomatoes, biscuits, corn and fried chicken, BBQ
    Graduation Party Favors
    Again, I say stick with your theme. Go with something that fits with your graduate and the theme of the party. Here are a few of our favorites that are sure to be a hit at your graduation party this year -
    Try a photo themed graduation party, since these events lend themselves to reminiscing. Leave out a photo album or two and people will remember events and be happy to share those memories. And set up a 2014 photo op and hand out personalized cameras to let your guests make some great new memories!
    Have a fantastic graduation party, and give my congratulations to the guest of honor!