Graduation Pool Party Ideas


It’s all over – high school, college, graduate school – and now it’s time to celebrate! Make a splash with your family and friends and have a great pool party. Use our ideas for a graduation pool party and everyone will be happy. Male or female, old or young, this is a party that everyone will love and can easily be customized to your crowd.

Graduation Pool Party Invitations
Your guests will know that your bash will be a splash with a personalized graduation invitation or a more specific personalized pool party invitation.  Throw a few silk flowers (for a female) or confetti (for either a male or female!) in the envelope and you are good to go!

Personalized photo ticket invitations are really hot this year. What better way to showcase your grad's accomplishment than with a pic right on the invite?

Want a really unique invitation? Let design a caricature invitation of your graduate – maybe wearing a bathing suit? Or in their cap and gown (and flip flops)? This wonderful caricature can become a sign-in board, photo opportunity or even thank you notes. It’s the perfect way to easily take care of all your decorating needs.

You can even make your own invitation using a flip flop or beach ball. Purchase inexpensive versions of these items and write the party information on them with a contrasting colored permanent marker. It may cost a bit more to mail these invitations but it’s definitely worth it – your guests will be talking about your party before it ever starts!

Graduation Pool Party Decorations and Party Supplies

The swimming pool is both the main destination and decoration for this party but it’s fun to supplement with a few colorful extras. Hang a great personalized banner on whatever door or gate your guests will be coming in. You can choose from all of our graduation banners, but of course, we have a graduation pool party banner to match your invitations.
We like the idea of using these personalized graduation luminary bags to not only welcome your guests but to guide them to the pool.

Attach groups of balloons to the tables, trees, and fence. This will really help define the party area, and it's an easy way to decorate a large open area like a backyard.

Make sure you have lots of extra towels for your guests. You can even make them part of the décor by hanging colorful beach towels on the chairs or laying them on the grass as picnic blankets. And don't forget that shade is important on hot summer days as well! If you don't have a covered porch or shade tree, set a up a few beach umbrellas on the lawn.

If your party is being held in the evening, hang twinkle lights on the house, in the bushes, or on the fence surrounding the pool. Mix in flip flop lantern garland and together you they will give your party a magical feel.

And don’t forget the inflatable palm trees and beach balls. Scatter them around the pool and patio, your guests will feel like they’re in a tropical paradise! They are also great additions to any photos you take at your party!

Graduation Table Decorations and Menu
We love colorful paper goods for a pool party. You can set them by the buffet along with silverware bundles (wrap plastic silverware in a paper napkin and wrap beads around it). Cool everyone off by serving frozen drinks in great light up cups (and don't forget the drink umbrella)!

You can dress up any buffet area with a bright table cloth and more balloons.

With all that splashing around, your guests will be hungry and thirsty. Food that’s easy to eat is definitely the way to go. A barbecue with hamburgers and hotdogs or even delicious hot pizza is all you need to satisfy your guests. For dessert, go for favorites like ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and lollipops. You can rent an old fashioned ice cream cart and bring it out at dessert time filled with a variety of fun (and delicious) frozen novelties.

On a hot summer day, or night, nothing tastes better than cold water! Imagine your guest's delight as they sip from water bottles sporting a pool themed personalized bottle label. Or choose a graduation bottle label – whichever you like better. And be sure to get extras because these water bottles make great party favors that your guests are sure to want to take home.

Graduation and graduation parties are all about making memories and what better way to make that happen then to make cameras available to all your guests? Try a few personalized graduation theme cameras and place them all around the tables. Your guests will love picking them up and spontaneously snapping pictures of family and friends. And what a treat for the graduate to have all those photos as a souvenir of a great party?

As the sun goes down, be sure to have citronella candles on the tables to help light up the night. Want a more dramatic look? Bamboo torch candles are a great look for any area.

Pool Party Games and Activities
Your guests will probably spend most of their time in the water, but it’s nice to have a few additional activities for them. After all, they may get cold and need a break. Check out our summer party games for some great ways to entertain everyone!

Who doesn’t want to be a “beach babe” or “muscle man”? You can help your guests realize their dreams with this perfect photo opportunity. Or choose one of our graduation cutouts or select a graduate or even a class of 2012 stand up (the possibilities are endless). Take instant photos of everyone or use the personalized graduation theme cameras– it’s tons of fun and the perfect party favor.

Graduation Pool Party Party Favors

The sun will be shining brightly, so be sure to have sunglasses for all your guests. There are tons of choices but how about colorful 2012 glasses? They’ll be wearing these long after the sun has gone down.
Here are a few more of our favorite graduation party favors:

Your pool party will make a huge splash with everyone. With wonderful products from and Creations for You, everyone will be talking about your party long after the after the pool has closed for the season.