Nursing Graduation Party Ideas and Supplies

Nursing School Graduation Party Ideas

a nursing theme graduation party?
Graduation is a special time where the pressures of school start to slip away, and the grad gets to celebrate their accomplishment! It is perfectly fine to choose the traditional route when ordering party supplies to celebrate the culmination of nursing school (school colors, graduation caps), but consider getting creative with nursing and medical theme decorations, party favors, and invites. Here are our favorite ideas for planning a nursing school graduation party!
 nursing Graduation party Invitations
A few important things to think about when deciding on your invites:
  • Decide on the guest list, date and time as soon as possible. The earlier you send the invitations, the better the turnout will be!
  • June and July are busy months for parties... other graduations, weddings and summer BBQs. Ask your most important guests (Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles) to check their calendars beforehand to make sure they will be able to be there. 
  • An open house party is where guests are expected to come and go as they please and can span a longer time to accommodate different schedules.
  • Invitations to a graduation party can also be mailed with graduation announcements (save a stamp).
Here a fun way to word your nursing graduation party invites:
You're invited to celebrate Nancy's discharge from Nursing School!

Symptoms: happiness, giddiness, relief
Remedies: Partying with friends and family

Appointment place: The Strawder Home
Appointment time: 4:00 PM on May 26th

To confirm or cancel your appointment, please call: (555)123-3232,
Now that you have a plan you can decide on graduation invitations! Since the highlight of this party is to celebrate the graduate, it is only natural to select an invite that features a photo and school colors of the guest of honor! Here are some of our favorite options:
Graduation Decorations and Party Supplies
Celebrate graduation from nursing school with decorations that highlight their new career! There are many easy and fun ways to decorate your space for a nursing graduation party: 
  • Hang labeled body posters from a school supply store.
  • Your skeleton Halloween decorations can be repurposed! Add a graduation cap to Mr Bones. :)
  • Your grad may be too busy to greet every guest, so post a fun lifesize cutout of the graduate at the entrance!
  • Graduation balloons add color to a party space, and they also designate important congregation points (food, drinks, games, etc.) They will also help define a space if you tie small bunches along the fence or perimeter of the yard.  Fun idea... blow up latex gloves and add them to your bouquet!
  • If you decide to make the party all about the graduate and want their photo everywhere, why not line the walk to the party with personalized graduation luminary bags? Guests will get a kick out of seeing the graduate's face as they walk into the party.
Also important? A sign in area! Here are a some great options, a few of which have a "nursing" theme:
  • A graduation sign in board is a classic way to let guests leave message to the grad. Have it match your invitations and favors to pull the theme through the entire event.
  • Get a large foam board or canvas and attach a few pictures of the graduate with band-aids! Have guests sign the board around the pictures. Provide extra band-aids for creative expression.
  • A guest book photo frame is also fun... guests sign the matte surrounding a picture of the grad on cap and gown or scrubs even! Make sure to buy smudge free markers.
  • Have guests sign and leave well wishes on a pair of plain scrubs with fabric markers... wearable art!
You can also mix in some traditional graduation decorations along with the fun nursing ones. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Make a sign "Medical Transport Cooler" and tape it to the top of your  drink cooler. Add sodas and beers along with some water decorated with these nursing theme water bottle labels!
  • Hand out surgical masks for the guests to wear!
  • 2016 Glasses - These are not just for New Years and are also great for decorating your guests!
We know you will enjoy these and that they will work great for your party. Check out all of the 2015 graduation decorations that are available!
nursing Graduation party menu and Table Decoration ideas
 You can really add some humor to your tables with some medical supplies. Hit up the nearest medical supply store and pick up a few things -
  • Jello "Shots" (jello shooters in oral medical syringes).
  • Serve chips and dip in a bed pan (a new one, of course).
  • Make silverware bundles wrapped in a napkin and tied off with medical tape.
  • Pieces from inexpensive kids' toy medical kits make great table decorations and cake toppers.
Your best bet is to use disposable paper goods at a graduation party. White Chinet is fine, but you can kick your decorations up a notch by using graduation themed paper goods. Even if you just go with themed napkins and dessert plates it makes a big statement:
Here are a few fun ideas for centerpieces:
  • Personalized Centerpiece - If you like the personal touch this three-sided centerpiece lets you customize the wording and add a photo!
  • Tabletop Lanterns - These vinyl lanterns are personalized with your photo and wording, and come with an LED candle!
  • Graduation Centerpiece - This metallic cascading centerpiece would be great alone or paired with a few balloons.
Graduation Party Favors
Stick with the nursing theme when picking your party favors.  This is a great opportunity for gag gifts along with a few classic favorites. Try a few of these:

Or have a Nursing theme candy buffet!

  • Hershey "Kisses for your Boo Boos"
  • Masrhmellow "Cotton Balls"
  • Pill shaped gummies in medication cups
  • Pull apart Twizzler "Veins"
  • Lollipops
  • Cotton Candy Gauze
Have a fantastic graduation party, and congratulations to the new nurse from the Party Girl!