Law school graduation party ideas and planning tips

Law School Graduation Party Ideas

As your grad jumps the final hurdles of law school and manages to struggle through the last few all-nighters, make sure you plan a graduation party that not only celebrates their accomplishment but matches the amount of effort they’ve put into earning their degree.
For a college grad party, try ordering traditional supplies (think school colors and graduation caps), but make sure to get creative with your theme by including a law school or attorney twist in the decorations, invitations, favors, and menu.
Make sure to use a few of our party ideas below, or you might get a subpoena from the Party Girl!
law school graduation party invitations
Make sure your grad party isn’t "by the book" by sending guests a themed invitation that really pops! We’ve designed a classic Graduation Law School Invitation that you can customize with your grad's school colors and their photo. Or, send your guests a notice to show by giving them a Graduation Law School Subpoena Invitation.

You can also go all out for the guest of honor by designing a custom graduation caricature invitation featuring the grad themselves! With a caricature invite, the sky’s the limit!

If you’d rather go the DIY route, try a few of these themed options for your paper goods:
  • Send a photo collage invite with the party information in the center and a border made from the school pictures of the graduate (K-12 pictures along with undergraduate and law school grad pictures). 
  • Mail an invite made from black card stock in the shape of a graduation cap. Add a tassel in the grad’s school colors, and hand write the party details on the back with a white permanent marker.
  • Print the party info on a latex balloon, and send it to guests attached to a card that reads “Blow me up!” Guests will love the novelty of this invite!
When designing and mailing your invitations, there are a few things to consider to make the party process easier for both you and your guests:
  • Decide on your guest list, date, and time of the event as soon as possible! The sooner you decide, the sooner your invites can be sent out. 
  • Everyone’s social calendars often fill up quickly during graduation season (May, June, and July). Make sure to check with important guests (grandparents, aunts, and uncles) before deciding on a date.
  • Try hosting an open house graduation party, instead. An open house usually extends over a longer period of time so guests can come and go as they please. A more flexible schedule may mean more guests can attend the event.
  • Kill two birds with one stone by mailing the invitation with the graduation announcement. Just make sure your invite reaches guests 2+ months in advance, so they can mark their calendars.
Here are a few fun ways to tie in the law school theme when designing the wording for your invites:
You are hereby summoned to appear
At John C. William’s graduation party!
The verdict is in…
Mary L. Sowers is graduating!
Don’t make us send you a subpoena!
William Howard is graduating from law school!

Once you’ve chosen and mailed your invite, make sure the rest of your party rises to the occasion. Next on the list: decorations, menu, and favors!
law school graduation decorations and party supplies
While still using traditional graduation party supplies, make sure to include themed decorations that incorporate the grad's chosen profession. Try a few of these fun ideas:
  • Hang a Subpoena Theme Banner over the entrance of your venue, so your guests know they've been summoned! We also have a Law School Theme Banner, which you can personalize for your grad.
  • Use large chalkboards with witty sayings to decorate your venue.  By the bar, place a sign that says, "You are about to pass the bar!"  For the buffet, "You are on trial to prove whether you are innocent or guilty of hunger!" For the favors, "Don't object to taking a favor!"
  • Make a big impact with guests when they walk in the door by placing a Lifesize Photo Cutout of the graduate next to the sign-in table. 
  • Group bunches of graduation balloons in the grad’s school colors near focal points of the venue, including the sign-in table, buffet, gift table, and along fences to define the perimeter. Odd numbered bunches look best, and add a balloon weight.
Don’t forget about the sign-in table! This is a great place for guests to leave a note for the grad, drop off their gifts, and talk to the host/hostess. Try a few of these ideas to make your table pop:
  • Order a graduation sign in board so your guests can leave a quick note to the grad congratulating him or her! Pick one that matches your invites, too! 
  • Purchase several 8x10 frames, and in each one have a photo of the graduate at their high school, undergraduate, and law school graduations. This personal touch will show how your guest of honor has grown over time, and include pictures of kindergarten, intermediate, and middle school graduations if you have them, too!
  • Print out the lawyer’s oath for your state and have it matted. Have guests leave well wishes with a permanent marker on the matting, and then frame it so the grad can hang it in his or her new office!
  • Another alternative for a traditional sign in book is to have guests sign one that every lawyer has in their office or library: Black's Law Dictionary.  Have guests leave messages and advice in the front cover, and this keepsake will be treasured always.
  • Put a Graduation Cap Card Box on your sign-in table so guests have a place to drop off their gifts, and don't forget to display the diploma as well!
After using some of the ideas listed above, make sure to check out all of the 2017 graduation decorations and supplies, too!
law school graduation party menu and table decoration ideas 
Make the tables in your venue the center of attention by decking them with themed decorations.  These law school decor ideas will not only draw the eye but make guests laugh, too:
  • For each table number, frame a picture of a Supreme Court justice along with one of their silliest quotations.  For example, Justice Antonin Scalia said, "In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it’s not perfect, that’s okay, there are a lot more coming along." Perfect for a grad party, especially if the grad is the first child!
  • Gather leather bound books (or raid the grad’s law book supply), and stack them in the middle of tables as centerpieces. Top each stack with a wooden gavel and a bunch of graduation balloons for a fun themed touch!
  • Purchase 2-3 brass scales (like the "scales of justice"), and put them in important locations throughout the venue, like along the buffet or in the center of the guest of honor's table.  Put a mini paper diploma on one scale and a graduation cap on the other!
  • Not the DIY type? Keep it simple with custom graduation table top centerpieces.  Personalize it with a photo of the grad!
  • Scatter graduation confetti in the grad's school colors around centerpieces and along tables for a sparkly touch!
  • These no-hassle graduation centerpiece would look great grouped with pictures of the grad.
Make sure your guests don't plead guilty to hunger by providing a menu with fun law school twists:
  • Serve several cocktail drinks named after popular TV shows and movies, like The Firm, Law & Order, and The Verdict.  Make sure to list the cocktails (along with the ingredients) on a large chalkboard that says, "You are about to pass the bar!"
  • Put a menu card at each place setting, and label the appetizers "Opening Statements", the main course "Cross Examination", and the dessert "Closing Statements".
  • If you're having a buffet, make sure to give each of your menu items a law theme name.  Anyone want fried calamari, or "Squid Pro Quo"? Passed-the-Bar Burritos and Ambulance Chasing Churros are funny, too. The possibilities are endless! 
After serving a delicious spread, make sure to keep guests refreshed by providing them with water decorated with personalized law school water bottle labels or subpoena water bottle labels!  Add your own message for a custom touch.
law school graduation games and activities
Keep your guests entertained with a few games that test their knowledge of the law (well... almost!):
  • Did you know that Alabama law states that you are not allowed to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time? Some states are famous for their ridiculous and often arcane laws.  Create a game sheet that asks guests to match the law to the state.  The player with the most correct answers wins! (Check out for lists of laws by state.)
  • Have guests match the name of Supreme Court justices with their pictures.  The law school grads among your family and friends should excel at this one!
  • For those who aren't familiar with "the law", list famous quotes from true crime and law movies instead.  Have guests match the quote with the film title.  Some great movies to include are Legally Blond, A Few Good Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker, and Erin Brokovich.
  • Make sure to hand out prizes to the winners!  True crime novels purchased from book sales would be a fun themed gift.
  • A 2017 graduation photo op is always fun! After the party, post pictures online for family and friends to download.
If your guests aren't into games, try playing a slideshow filled with pictures of the grad. Whether on a large TV or outdoor screen, family and friends will enjoy seeing pictures of the guest of honor staying up late to study, hanging with friends at the library, and finally receiving their diploma.
law school graduation favors
Don't forget to send your guests home with something to remember the celebration. No one will "object" to these fun favors:
  • Thank your guests for appearing to your "summons" with a personalized Subpoena Theme Candy Bar, which matches your invites!
  • Distribute pocket Constitutions that guests can pull out the next time they go to trial.
  • Give your guests a real treat with personalized law school graduation lollipops, mint tins, cookies, or candy bar wrappers (which come in a choice of colors and can be personalized with the grad's photo)! 
  • Of course, don't forget to hand out law school theme favor bags for guests to pack full with goodies!
Good luck planning for your law school graduation party, and congratulations to the grad from everyone at!