Land of Oz Graduation Theme Party

No matter what the age, who doesn't remember the first time seeing The Wizard of Oz? Recall the black and white beginning? And the relief and awe when Dorothy enters the colorful world of Oz? I must say that vibrant world held me captivated to the boob tube for an eternity. And what about those scary monkey-things? Personally, I was glad she dumped that old aunt and uncle of hers for that taste of adventure, even if it was a dream. Help your graduate follow the yellow brick road to bigger and better things with a party centered on The Wizard of Oz!

There are so many wonderful ways to carry this theme throughout your party. Click your heels, use your imagination, and find yourself in the Land of Oz with your grad.

Be creative with ruby slippersmagic wands, diplomas (à la the Scarecrow), heart shaped clocks (à la the Tin Man), rainbow springs, oil cans, badges of honor (à la the Cowardly Lion), witch hats and lollipops.

graduation invitations
Start with an invitation that will let everyone know this party will be over the rainbow. How about sending a magic wand attached to your invitation that is written on a scroll of parchment with all the party details written in script?

Be sure to make the graduate the center of attention from start to finish. They've earned it. Our "over the rainbow" Land of Oz graduation invitation is perfect for this theme.  Let your guests get excited for your party the moment they get this invite.

Try a Party411 custom caricature of your grad on the yellow brick road as Dorothy, the tin man, the lion, or the scarecrow. Don't forget Toto! We like the Scarecrow since he received his diploma. At the end of the yellow brick road can be the place where your grad is headed, whether a new school or the new company where she or he is planning to work. Now THAT is a truly one of a kind invitation for your graduation party.

graduation decorations and party supplies
Start by hanging a personalized Oz theme banner that says, "Welcome to Oz."  Grab some stand ups of Dorothy & Toto, the Lion, Tinman & Scarecrow, and a melting Wicked Witch for your guests to take pictures with.  When you print those pictures send them with the thank you cards!

Have your guests enter "Over the Rainbow" - if you are handy, you can build a little arched bridge into your house or party room, paint it as a rainbow and voila, your guests have to enter by going "Over the Rainbow." You can also create a great rainbow with a multi color balloon arch. Try this yourself or hire a local balloon company to create your rainbow. Another idea is to create the Emerald City out of foam core as the entrance to your party. Party411 can create any custom entryway you desire, just contact the Custom Queen

Set out a path of the yellow brick road from the party entrance to the main party area. You can paint it on big white paper, available at your local art supplies store, or line the outside entrance with real bricks painted in a yellow gold tone. Another simple way to create this effect is to use yellow sidewalk chalk along the driveway. (This is a great job for the little brother or sister of the graduate.) Try a picnic basket with a furry Toto dog creeping out of the top at the door, too. At the doorbell, hang a sign that says "Bell out of Order, Please Knock."

If you have a DVD player accessible, play The Wizard of Oz movie throughout the party, as guests will enjoy catching glimpses of this timeless classic. Surely you don't want guests to hang around the television for the day. Perhaps you mute the audio and let the screen run on its own.

Find a visible closet door and display stuffed striped socks sticking out (without the ruby slippers, of course, since Dorothy, your female grad or mom hostess is wearing them). We are sure you won't get your male grad to wear them!

When guests arrive hand them a magic wand with party information or guest of honor trivia on it from the hostess who is dressed as Glinda the Good Witch. While you're at it why not dress the whole family in Wizard of Oz Costumes?

Match your seating cards to the rest of the theme.Take a rainbow swirl lollipop and add a sticker with the guest's seating information on the label. 

graduation table decorations and menu
Start with your paper goods when designing your tables. We, of course, love the Wizard of Oz theme paper goods for any Wizard of Oz party, but think they are especially fabulous for a graduation Oz party. You can also go simple and use ruby red paper goods and yellow tablecloth with bouquets of red poppies in glass jars .

Using various objects from the movie, create your own custom centerpiece. For example, using an oil can base, tie off peppermint pink, ruby red and light blue latex balloons. Magic wands can be inserted into the oil can, as well. Another idea is to purchase plastic sand castle molds and paint them a sparkly green just like the emerald city. You don't have to have the same centerpiece at every table. Some with tornadoes and some with emerald cities look great!

Centerpieces of wire tornadoes would be fabulous! If your party is outside at tables with umbrellas, you can wrap wire around translucent umbrella vases filled with flowers! Hang rainbow mini springs from out of the vase.

If you want to go simple with your decor, how about a graduation tabletop lantern centerpiece? Putting pictures of the graduate on the centerpiece will sure to be a hit with your guests.

A menu for breakfast foods may include Wizard of Oz themed dishes - Gale Farm Chicken Hash, Over the Rainbow Fruit Kabobs, and Wicked Witch Waffles. Try Cowardly Lion sweet treats like Sweetie Spiders, Cocoa Cobweb Cupcakes, Oglie Eyeballs, Da Lollipop Guild Lollipops, and Over the Rainbow Party Mold.

Other fun dishes are Tornado Tacos (much better than Toto Tacos), Wicked Witch Waldorf Salad, Scarecrow Salad, or Scarecrow Spaghetti with Tin Man Tomato Sauce, Over the Rainbow Ribs, Ruby Red Slippers Grapefruit Juice, Emerald City Egg Salad, finished off with We're not in Kansas Anymore Cobbler and Cowardly Lion Lemon Bars and Magic Tornado Drink.

graduation games and activities
Hire a caricature artist to draw your guests as characters in The Wizard of Oz. Ask them to pre-draw a template (in color) of the yellow brick road with Oz in the background and have your child standing on the yellow brick road. Make sure they leave room to add an additional person. Then all they have to do is add people at the party and they can have their own caricature with themselves standing with the graduate.

What about a Karaoke Contest of show tunes, or Judy Garland tunes? That would be a ton of fun. You can also do lip syncing with the Wizard of Oz songs. Trust us, everyone knows the words, whether they want to admit it or not!

Or let your graduates let off some end of the school year stress with a (very Wizard of Oz-like) rainbow piñata. Fill it with candy, grab a big pole and stand back!

graduation party favors
We are big believers in party favors. It's a good way to keep your guests talking about your party and it lets everyone leave in a good mood. Here are a few of our favorite land of Oz party favors:
We're sure your graduate, your family and friends will all have a wonderful time celebrating Graduation in Oz. When it's all over, you can click your heals to head back home and enjoy the memories of a wonderful event. Congrats from the Party Girl!