College Graduation Party Ideas

When someone graduates from college, graduate, or doctoral school, they deserve to party, and party big! Use these easy college graduation party ideas to celebrate your grad in a big way!

College Graduation Invitations
Make the graduate the center of attention from start to finish. They've earned it. The invitation should match the style of the graduate. A personalized graduation invitation will set the tone for the party. I'd also put some graduation confetti in the envelope!

You can also consider a caricature invitation. These are truly unique and the caricature can be used for your life size cutout, candy bar wrapper and more. You can incorporate the things that make your graduate special. We just did a caricature invitation for a woman's husband who had just graduated from medical school. He was dressed in a doctor's white coat, and wearing his graduation cap. He loves professional wrestling, so a professional wrestler is handing him his degree! We even had him wearing his favorite pair of beat up sneakers his wife had been trying to throw out for years!

It would be fun to play off on the movie, The Graduate. Have your caricature drawn as a movie poster for the Graduate with your grad on the cover. (You can ignore that whole affair with an older woman part!)

Graduation Decorations and Party Supplies
If you have a long driveway, or just want to make it easier for guests to find your street, use a few yard signs to help direct them. You can place these at the ends of your street, or at the different turns through your subdivision that can be confusing. Attach a few balloons to the signs for maximum visibility. Then hang a graduation banner outside on your house so that that everyone knows where the party is!

Inside you can decorate with products in gold and silver tones, which look sophisticated, but are still fun! Try the graduation cap garland for your ceiling, and the golden star garland everywhere else! Use your caricature art and have create a 3-sided centerpiece base with the art. Fill the base with shreds and have balloons coming out of the top. Or, you can fill the base with flowers for a fun and formal look.

If you are having a caricature made in honor of your graduate, why not have it made into a life-sized cutout? This is the perfect way to greet guests at the front door. If you are not going with a caricature, you can still get a life-size cut-out! How about one made to show off their chosen profession, like our male doctor and female doctor life-sized cutouts, or a favorite hobby, like this fisherman? Take a look through our full selection of life-sized cutouts. If your don't see exactly what you need, and want a a custom designed cut-out, e-mail the Custom Queen!

Graduation Table Decorations and Menu
Your graduate is older and has worked for years since graduating High School, so spoil them with a great meal at your event. I would make my life easier and have everything catered. You don't need a formal sit down meal. A nice selection of passed appetizers and food stations would be wonderful. Or just have heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Your catering company can set up a beautiful bar for you as well. Ask them to mix up a specialty drink and name if for your graduate! (They are over 21 now probably). If you're serving champagne (for the inevitable toasts) use champagne bottle at the bar to let guests know where to find the bubbly!

These college graduation party ideas for centerpieces can really add flair to your table:
  • Personalized Graduation Centerpiece - If you like the personal touch this three-sided centerpiece lets you personalized the wording and add a photo!
  • Tabletop Lanterns - These vinyl lanterns are personalized with your photo and wording, and come with an LED candle!
  • Grad Piñata - Add balloons to this bright pinata for a fantastic looking centerpiece
Sprinkle some graduation confetti on the tables for added decoration.

Graduation Party Games Activities
Usually graduation parties are all about socializing, reminiscing, and congratulating the graduate, and activities are not necessary to keep your guests mixing. But activities can be essential if you are going to have a large number of people who have never met, or just want to add something fun for your guests to do.
Here is our favorite college graduation party ideas for activities and icebreakers -
Trivia Sheets - Create trivia sheets with questions and puzzles that pertain to the grad's area of study. Literature major? Try match the author with their famous novel. Did the grad just get a master's in mathematics? Set out logic problems. A new doctor is in the house! Anatomy identification anyone? Just print out activities sheets and leave out pencils, everyone will be mingling in the hopes of finding someone who has the answer to #8!
Graduation Party Favors
Personalized graduation candy bars are the best kind of favor, the chocolate-y edible kind! You personalize the wrapper with info about your grad (and many styles allow for a picture too) so that it is just one more way to show how special the graduate's accomplishments are! Our candy bars have 50% more chocolate than the standard Hershey® bar and nine out of ten people prefer the quality and taste of our candy bar over all other bars--just ask their dentist! You can get them in dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate!
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela
Give my congrats to the grad!
The Party Girl