Plan a Sports Theme Graduation Party

It's hard to not think of sports when you think of certain graduates. Whether they were a team captain or a great fan, they love the sport. I have one friend who cannot have a conversation without soccer coming up. Simply loves the sport. If you have a sports loving graduate, it's a good idea to plan a sports themed graduation party. This is especially effective with smaller parties or younger graduates, although it can work for anyone who's a fan(atic).

Sports Graduation Invitation
For the varsity athlete the perfect invitation is a custom caricature invitation. Our amazing artist will create a one-of-a-kind caricature that will recreate the best parts of their career. Show them in uniform making the winning shot or ready for action. This caricature not only makes a great invitation but you can also use it for your centerpieces and sign in board.

For the graduate who loved school and all sports we really enjoy a personalized sports invitation.
Or, we have other graduation invitation options where you can add your graduate’s photo (maybe in uniform?). Very popular this year is the “Varsity Magazine” cover. A great choice with this theme that lets you show of your grad on the cover of a magazine.

Another option is to go with one of our ticket invitations or photo ticket invitations, they are perfect for this theme and they come in lots of colors. There are lots of invitations out there. Don’t forget if you plan on everyone playing a game of basketball, touch football, etc. make sure you tell everyone to dress appropriately.

Sports Graduation Decorations and Party Supplies
As people enter, place an personalized sports theme banner welcoming everyone to "Play the Game". Choose a message that's specific to your graduate's sport of choice. For basketball you can “Hoop it Up!” for the graduate. For soccer "Joey Graduated. What a Kick!" You get the idea.

Balloon bouquets are a wonderful, and inexpensive, way to decorate this area with the school colors. Have some pom-poms and noisemakers available so guests can cheer the graduate on. At the entrance add a custom cutout of the grad dressed in his or her favorite sporting gear, or as a cheerleader. This is another way to use that great caricature you had created.

If your party is outside create a balloon arch mixed with sports theme balloons, or just have footballs, basketballs, or baseballs mixed with balloons in the school colors. Continue these arches throughout the hallway. Your guests will feel like they are coming through the tunnel and onto the playing field!

Start by having everyone check in at the scorer’s table. Have a sign-in board using a caricature of the graduate, so guests can write their congratulations. We also have a sports sign-in board and book. Make sure to have a mixture of graduation and sports balloons tied to the easel holding the sign in board.

It is also important to display memories of the graduate's life. Maybe pictures of the graduate in uniform from little league when they were only six, or sports trophies they earned while on the school soccer team. Display these throughout the rooms, or on one special table where guests can gather and reminisce. Don’t forget teammates! One of the best things about playing sports is being on a team. Teammates often become lifelong friends. Sure your kid is the star on this day but include pictures of teammates and take plenty of group pictures.

Your party can certainly be specific to one sport so continue the sports theme throughout the room using some of these great sports theme decorations:

For football try some of these:
For basketball you might want to try some of these decorating ideas:
For soccer, you'll get a kick out of these decorations and party supplies:
And then there is the great American pastime…baseball:
Sports Graduation Table Decorations and Menu
Start by choosing fun sports theme paper goods. There are options for many individual sports (including baseball, basketball, golf, cheerleading and more) or options that show a variety of sports. Paper goods are fun, colorful and easy for fast clean up. If you're having a larger party and using linen napkins and real plates, choose cocktail napkins for appetizers and dessert to match your sports theme.

Centerpieces can be a mix of graduation items and sports items. You can use a personalized centerpiece, or turn over a plastic hat in either a football, baseball, basketball, or soccer design (or mix them up!) and fill it with graduation and sports balloons and shredz or confetti. We love a centerpiece that can be donated to charity after the event in honor of the grad. Find a basket and fill it with children's sporting equipment and donate it to a local children's charity. It's money well spent.

Tabletop lantern decorations are great to use as centerpieces or around your centerpiece. They are personalized with the photo of your choosing, so pick one of your grad playing their favorite sport.

Serve classic stadium food like nachos, soft pretzels, french fries, hotdogs, and hamburgers. You can set up a condiments station so everyone can load up their food with all of the mustard, onions, and relish they want. For the adults serve ice cold beer in big plastic cups, and for those under 21, fill a large plastic cooler with a sports classic, Gatorade!
You can get personalized sports theme water bottle labels that are personalized with info about the graduate for a special touch. These can even double as party favors, as guests are sure to take one or two home with them.

Sports Graduation Games and Activities
The thing about sports themes is that activities naturally follow. If the graduate's classmates show up in force, prepare for a spirited game of baseball (or Whiffleball might be safer), touch football, or a little 3 on 3 tournament on the hoop in the driveway. With many parties being open houses held outdoors, these kinds of games make perfect sense.

Or, think about a skills tournament. Free throw shooting with basketball. Home run derby (think Whiffleball!) for baseball. Dribbling or passing accuracy for soccer. You get the idea. Or, just make sure the equipment is available and the kids will figure out their own game.

You can set up a sports photo op and hand out personalized cameras to your guests for some great graduation day memories. You can buy the large cardboard cutouts of famous sports stars for people to post with, or get a sports themed photo op so your guests can pose as the sports star! Or you can go with a more traditional graduation theme Class of 2013 photo op. Either way, everyone will remember the fantastic time they had with a photo memory of the graduation party.

Sports Graduation Favors
Your grad will never forget such a fantastic party! Make sure your guests don't either by sending them home with a fun party favor. You can choose a fun sports theme favor or a cool graduation party favor.
Here's to you sport! Congratulations on your graduation! We hope you have a fabulous sports theme graduation party.