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Paris Theme Sign in Board

Paris Sweet 16 Theme Party Ideas

What could be better than a romantic Paris theme party for an extra special Sweet 16 party? From the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower, these Parisian theme decorations will make for a fantastic party that everyone will love. A Parisian theme Sweet 16 party is a popular and fun theme that your friends will always remember.

paris theme Sweet 16 Invitations
A fabulous Parisian theme invitation will let your guests will know they’re in for a magical evening.

For such a special occasion, a personalized Paris theme caricature invitation is perfect. Have the guest of honor strolling through Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  She can be walking her dog or carrying her phone.  Choose any of her favorites to add to the design. Once your art is drawn we can use your caricature to create seating cards, sign in boards, centerpieces, cutouts and more for your party!

Paris theme boarding pass invitations are perfect for a trip to Paris for a Sweet 16.  Make sure you mail invitations 6 to 8 weeks in advance to give people plenty of notice.

paris Sweet 16 Party Decorations

As soon as they arrive, your guests will feel as if they've arrived in Paris.  Line the walkways with lit paper luminarias. There are so many great Parisian theme props that can be set up in the entry area of the party or in the main party room. You can even print out pictures from Paris for around the room.

Such a special event calls for special lighting. Rent spot lights or hire a lighting company to come in and put up moving light fixtures and even a spotlight outside. Even just washing the walls in color adds a dramatic look to the party.

There are some "party basics" that we think are a must for a Sweet 16.  The first is a place for guests to leave well wishes for the guest of honor. 
Our second party basic, for a larger party, is seating cards.  But, not just an ordinary seating card.  These cards add another fun touch to the party.
You'll want balloons at your seating area and sign in area as well. Choose and mix silver, black and gold balloons.
paris theme Table Decorations

Make sure your tables glitter just like your guests! Cover the tables with black linens and glittery silver and gold overlays. Choose napkins to match your event colors - we used gold, black and silver.  You can get linens from the party location or from an event rental company.

  • Balloons work for any event.  Have your balloon company create bouquets in silver, gold and black for an elegant look.  (We also love pink, black and silver for a Paris theme event.)
  • Flowers are always a classic centerpiece.  As your florist to create centerpieces using the colors of your event.
Silver beads make great napkin rings and favors for your guests. (And we guarantee you that they will all end up wearing their beaded necklaces during the rest of the party!) 
Imprinted cocktail napkins are great for cocktails and dessert at a Sweet 16 party. Have the guest of honor's name and event date and add a Paris theme graphic.
The table is set, now it’s time to eat. France is famous for its’ food so be sure to offer your guests a sampling of the city’s finest! Your guests will love delicious cheeses and breads, pastries and souffles.  Set up a crepe station and let your friends choose their fillings.  Bon Appetit!

After dinner, you'll want a one of a kind dessert display for this Sweet 16!  A tiered Paris theme cake is the focal point.  Surround it with jars filled with authentic French candy.  You'll also want bonbons, pastries and creme brulee available as well. Yum!
sweet 16 games and activities
Most of the activity at your party will take place on the dance floor. Make sure your DJ or band has plenty of giveaways for the dancefloor like noisemakers, hats and glow jewelry. Take photos of your guests dressed in their finest party gear standing next to the Eiffel Tower you set up in the entry area.  Then send out pictures with your thank you notes.
You can check out companies locally for great party activities:
  • Greenscreen photos
  • Photo booths
  • Video greenscreens
A common activity at a Sweet 16 party is the candle lighting ceremony. Checkout out the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony Guide if you need instructions.

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paris Sweet 16 Party Favors

Here are some fun ideas for Paris theme favors for your party:

Of course, Party411 can help with t-shirts, boxer shorts or any other favor you can think of for your Parisian theme party! Send us an e-mail for more information on personalized party favors.
Your guests will leave your party feeling like they were really in Paris! Have fun from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!