Cheerleader Sweet 16

Cheer your favorite Sweet 16 young lady to victory with a Sweet 16 Cheerleader Theme Party. Cheerleaders connote charm, grace, high-energy and fun – and always get the guy. Girls and guys alike will love the energy and sports like theme.

Sweet 16 Cheerleading Invitations
Invite everyone to your spectacular Sweet 16 party with a personalized Cheerleader invitation. You can choose the colors of the cheerleading outfit to match you own, or just pick your favorite color!

If you are feeling crafty you can make your own invitations. Use your team colors or a favorite sport as a theme. You may wish to ask everyone to dress in team colors. You can give them a head start by including a hair/wrist pom in with the invitation. Throw in a little confetti for some added sparkle.

Sweet 16 Cheerleading Decorations and Party Supplies
As you guests arrive and the anticipation builds for your big arrival, keep everyone busy with a few activities.

Have someone pass out colorful light up pom poms to all of the guests, letting them know they should wave them as you come in. This same person can make the announcement for everyone to gather and get out their cameras when you are ready to come in. Choose a person or group of people close to you to proceed you entrance with a giant flag with your first initial on it. Make sure they are waving the flag and pom poms to get everyone riled up! You can even have them hold cheer letters the spell out your name.

Everyone will be so impressed as you make your entrance under a megaphone and balloon arch. Make sure to great all of your guests through a megaphone and let them know how happy you are to have them at your Cheerleading Sweet 16.

To welcome guests, add a photo of Ms. Sweet 16 herself to a life-sized cheerleader cut out. Place a basket of fun spirit items near the cutout for people to take; try pom poms and noisemakers. Streamers and tambourines are perfect if you have a really large crowd turning out for your party! Add a speech bubble to your cutout to encourage everyone to take some, "Thanks for coming to my Sweet 16! Take a few of these and get in the spirit!"

Drape pennants in your Sweet 16 cheerleading colors around the room. Pennants are also great for decorating the ceiling, just attach the ropes from one wall to the next in a zigzag pattern. White twinkly lights will add a glow to the room, so string them anywhere and everywhere!

Buy tons of balloons in your colors and group them into balloon bouquets. Balloon bouquets are perfect for decorating the entrance to the party, your sign-in table, corners, empty space along the wall, and any large area that needs a little decoration like a lobby or sitting area.

Add some balloon bouquets around the edges of the dance floor for an extra pop of color. Use a freestanding megaphone to really bring the cheerleading spirit into the room!

Sweet 16 Table Decorations and Menu
Choose floor length table cloth in a solid color with a complementary color for square table toppers. Place imprinted stadium cups in your team colors on each table, and fill them with nuts or candy. Set a water bottle with a personalized cheerleading water bottle label at each place setting.

Buffet tables and stations as well as the band area can be decorated with twinkle lights and more pennants strung around in the team colors.

Light up your centerpiece! Invert large megaphones and add balloon bouquets in your colors rising out of the center. Scatter pom poms on the table for extra color.

Sweet 16 Games and Activities
Most of the activity at your party will take place on the dance floor. But you can make it extra fun by giving your DJ glow jewelry to hand out. Another common activity at a Sweet 16 party is the candle lighting ceremony. Checkout out the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony Guide if you need instructions.

Another fun activity would be to have people write cheers about the Sweet 16 girl and perform them (give them some pom poms!) Have the cheers judged either by you, or take a vote. Best cheer gets a prize!

And don't forget to check out our complete list of Sweet 16 Party Games!

Sweet 16 Cheerleader Party Favors
Send everyone home with a fantastic party favor, a personalized drawstring backpack full of goodies! Fill it with an assortment of fun items:

Have fun at your Sweet 16 Spirit Rally!