Candy Theme Sweet 16

Unique Candy theme Sweet 16 party supplies and decorations. Personalize your candy theme Sweet 16 party with invitations, cutouts and more!

Candy Party Invitation

Candy and kids. What could be more fun?

Price $1.85

Candy Party Lollipop

Cute candy theme lollipop party favor!

Price $2.50

Candy Party Theme Custom Favor Bag

A candy theme favor bag for all of your candy treats

Price $1.20

Candy Sign In Board

A candy theme sign in board

Price $64.95

Candy Theme Banner

Welcome your guests to a candy theme party

Price $24.99

Candy Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Candy theme party. Candy bar. Makes sense to me!

Price $1.35

Candy Theme Centerpiece

Add two photos to this candy theme centerpiece

Price $35.00

Candy Theme Seating Card

A candy theme seating card

Price $1.00

Candy Theme Table Number

A candy theme table number

Price $4.00

Candy Theme Water Bottle Label

A candy theme water bottle label

Price $1.20

Candy Theme Welcome Sign

A candy theme welcome sign

Price $64.95

Candyland Thank You Note

An thank you note to match our Candyland invitations

Price $1.50

Birthday, Sweet 16 Custom Caricature

These custom Sweet 16 caricature drawings make the perfect one of a kind invitation and part decoration.

Candyland Semi Custom Caricature

Invite your guests to a sweet, delicious and wonderful world.

Price $2.15

Willy Wonka Semi Custom Caricature

Add your face for a unique and fantastic theme invitation

Price $2.15

Candyland King Kandy Cutout

Now he looks like the King of Kandyland!

Price $117.95

Candyland Lolly Cutout

Add your face to Lolly's cutout for great Candyland fun!

Price $117.95

Candyland Lolly With Princess Face Cutout

How can she look so neat eating ice cream.

Price $117.95

Candyland Mr. Mint Cutout

This cutout is just fun!

Price $117.95

Candyland Queen Frostine Cutout

The kid's love her!

Price $117.95

Willy Wonka Cutout

The candy man can!

Price $117.95

Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompa Cutout

Invite an Ooompa Loompa to your party

Price $90.00

Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompa Photo Op

Don't miss your chance to be an Oompa Loompa

Price $117.95

Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompa Theme Cutout

Ooompa Loompa, Doompadah Dee. If you are wise you'll listen to me.

Price $90.00