Make your quinceanera unique and memorable with our In the City quinceanera theme party. You can still honor all the traditions and have great music and big city lights.

Quinceañera Theme Party: In the City

There are a lot of Quinceanera traditions--the religious ceremony,
a tiara, a waltz, possibly a candle lighting and more. But to make your event unique and memorable, you may want to choose a theme that allows you to be original and creative at the same time while incorporating the traditions mentioned above. Combine great music with the big city lights, and we promise everyone will have a fabulous time including you!

Quince City Theme Invitations
It’s important that your guests know right up front that they should expect the time of their life. Choose a personalized invitation with a skyline theme - perfect! You can even add a little skyline confetti to the envelope for extra fun.
Another great option are backstage pass invitations with name and title of your event: " Elisa’s WORLD TOUR…Paris, New York and more",  "Karina's Enchanted Paris Eve" or "An Evening in New York with Christina". Or go with a ticket invitation that allows guests to join your city tour at different points of interest (seat each guest at a different city landmark!)…

If you want to make your own invitations, why not send postcards with the party info written on the back? The postcards will feature your destination city of course!

All of these work and no matter which you choose, the message is clear—your party will be the best!
In the City Decorations and Party Supplies
Start by creating a lit city theme walkway into your party room. City street lights lining the path are another great option that works for your city theme.
When your guests walk in they will gasp when they see the working water fountain! It will make for a picturesque photo op for the court!
The rest of your decorations will depend on the specific city theme you choose. Here are a few of our favorite kits - 
  • Gold Lights of Paris - Going with a Parisian theme? From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, this kit is perfect.
  • A Touch of Class - This skyline theme kit works well for any major city theme, and the bridge is just beautiful!
  • Still of the Night - The lit Empire State building is great for a New York theme, but the skyscrapers work for any city theme, and they are so dramatic!
With one of these kits you should be able to decorate your party room so that everyone is in awe of the beautiful city lights. Add clear light bulbs around the room and over the dance floor to add to the glow of the room.
Here are a few more great city theme decorations you may want to consider - 
What a beautiful cityscape you have created!
In the City Table Decorations and Menu
Adding a little big city flair to your tables is easy to do! Start with black or white linens from your venue. Metallic table runner are nice if they have them available.
Then set out a fantastic city theme centerpiece. Here are a few of our favorites -
Sprinkle a little skyline confetti or Eiffel Tower confetti on the tables to finish them off.

As far as the menu goes, the Party Girl loves a buffet. Food stations force your guests to get up, move around and have a much better time. You can also have a menu that represents the city. Serve New York strip sandwiches, New York style pizza, or have a French pastries dessert buffet.

Quinceañera Games and Activities
Make the stage come alive with illuminated skyscraper columns on either side or build a backdrop from our Touch of Class kit that will make your stage seem like a real production. You should also drape six or eight rows of clear bulbs over the dance floor about a foot apart.

Not everyone hosts a candle lighting at their event, but they are becoming more and more popular. The tradition is to have 15 candles and call up the people in your life that are most important.

Quinceañera city theme party Favors
Make sure everyone remembers your special night with a favor or three. Have the DJ pass out light ups and glow jewelry, put a personalized candy bar at each place that matches your invite, and give everyone a Memories of Paris keychain as they leave to thank them for coming!