90th Birthday Party Ideas

A 90th birthday is a true milestone!  Celebrate this special occasion with a party fit for a king or queen!  We have 90th birthday party ideas for invitations, themes, decorations and more!
90th birthday party locations ideas
You're first decision is the location of your party.  It can certainly be held at someone's home, but there are plenty of other options.  For a larger crowd, a banquet hall or hotel party room might be a great choice.  Or a room at your church or temple is another wonderful option.  Consider the size of your group and the age of the group.  Your celebrant my not want to travel too far for a celebration.
Your next decision is whether or not to have a theme for your party.  For example, has the birthday boy had a lifelong love for model trains?  Is the birthday girl a lifelong volunteer for a charity?  Well, there is your theme!  You can also go with a traditional theme like a western or a luau if you're celebrant is young at heart. And, of course, a traditional birthday party is always a hit!

90th Birthday Party Invitations
Start the party off right with a invitation that really highlights the guest of honor! We think a caricature Invitation is the absolute perfect choice for such an amazing milestone.  We can create any scene you'd like for your invitation. 


We also have a great selection of custom 90th Birthday Invitations that work perfectly for a milestone.  If you pick a style that has a spot for a photo, consider putting a picture of the guest of honor when they were a little baby!


Invitation Tips: Invitations should be mailed 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your party.  You will probably want to ask people to RSVP and set an RSVP date of about 2 weeks before the party so you have time to determine how much food and how many favors you may need for your event.

90th birthday decorations and party supplies

One of the best 90th birthday party ideas is a fantastic entrance to the celebration! You want to wow your guests as soon as they arrive at the party with a welcome from the birthday boy or girl. Consider hanging a personalized photo banner of the guest of honor, using a current picture or a baby picture for fun! Other fun ideas for the entrance is a lifesized cutout of the guest of honor with a speech bubble welcoming the guests.
  • We love to set up a table with photos of the birthday boy or girl throughout the years.
  • A photo table is also a great place for a personalized sign in board.
  • "On the Day You Were Born"- Go to the nearest library branch with a newspaper archive. Copy some news articles from the "birth day" if you can. You can also search online for major events that happened the year of the guest of honor's birth, and print out a few "fun facts from the year of your birth" sheets.

Decorate the room with fun 90 theme birthday party supplies.  As always, we love balloons at a party!  We recommend matching your paper goods and making bouquets in odd numbers of balloons to put around the room.  We start with fives or sevens for a great looking bouquet.  Balloons are inexpensive and fill a room with color.


90th table decorations
90th birthday paper goods are perfect for a smaller party or a party at home.  If you're having a larger party at a catering facility, real china and silverware and cloth napkins are the way to go.  Even with real china, we would use the paper cocktail napkins as a way to add to the theme.
Have fun with your table decorations!
  • Scatter confetti around the center of the table.
  • Centerpieces can be as simple as framed photographs throughout the years, balloon bouquets or flowers.
Don't forget to have a great birthday cake! A local bakery can help create a cake with the celebrant's photo in edible frosting.  Another popular option is cupcakes.  How about a cupcake family tree with cupcakes for each family member?
For another personal touch, consider these personalized water bottle labels or custom beer bottle labels, which your guests will love!
90th birthday party ideas - games and activities!
Your activities may be determined by the location of the event.  For example, an event at a museum is fantastic and allows people to walk around and enjoy exhibits.  You'll want to offer some activities regardless of the location.  Here are some examples:

A slideshow - One of our favorite 90th birthday party ideas is a look back at the guest of honor throughout the years. Include pictures in chronological order of the birthday boy or girl and be sure to add photos of family and friends who are in attendance.
Have a roast - Make sure your guests know your plan, and ask them to bring a favorite story to tell. You can do a celebrity roast where a variety of guests get "on stage" to poke fun at the star of the show.  You know the celebrant the best, so make sure this is something that they will enjoy before suggesting it as an activity.
Make a toast - If a roast isn't the right fit for your event, be sure one or two people gives a short speech in honor of the celebrant.

Have a casino night - Does the celebrant love a good casino?  Hire a company to come in and set up a few blackjack tables and even a roulette wheel.  Don't forget - you'll need prizes for a casino night!

90th Birthday Party Favors
Send your guests home with a personalized party favor that celebrates the big day. Here are a few ideas for 90th birthday party favors:

From all of us here at Party411.com we hope you have a perfect 90th Birthday Party!