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30th birthday confetti
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30th Birthday Party Ideas! ...the party continues

  Your 20s are almost over! You're done with parties, drinking, going out and having fun, right? Time to grow up? No way! You may be older and your parties more sophisticated, but ... THE PARTY CONTINUES!

the location
There are a ton of great places to have your party. Here are a few 30th birthday party ideas for venues that I've been to that were great:
  • A pool hall. Most will allow you to rent a section of tables for an evening. Set out drinks, some appetizers, a few balloons and, voila! Instant party!
  • A wine bar/restaurant. If you have a local vineyard, even better. Let your guests sample different wines and have out a cheese/crackers/fruit display.
  • Bowling! It's fun at any age!
  • Whirly Ball. Do you have one in your city? It's GREAT fun and a wonderful group activity
  • Someone's home. Easy enough and always fun!

Once you choose your location, you won't have a ton of work to do for this party. Being together with friends is the most important piece to success. But, here are some 30th birthday party ideas that will help you plan a perfect party for you, a friend or loved one!

30th  Birthday Party Invitations

Send a great invite to get everyone excited about the party. We have a large selection of 30th birthday invitations, many which you can personalize with an age or picture of the guest of honor!
Here are some 30th birthday party ideas for invitation wording:
  • Another one bites the dust! Jason is turning 30!  Join us as we celebrate the end on his youth...
  • Join us in wishing Christine a very Happy Birthday as she turns the Big 3-0!
  • Jackie is turning 30, isn't that great? We're having a party so please save the date!
  • Barb is 30 and flirty! Join us for a night out on the town to celebrate her birthday!
  • In case you didn't know, this year Jim's turning the big 3-0. Come party and join the fun, and we'll make this birthday a great one!
  • Help us celebrate John Miller's 30th Birthday (and continued journey into geezerdom!)
Choose a fantastic invitation:
  • A caricature invitation made of the celebrant. A caricature invitation not only creates a great caricature you can use several times during your event, but it will also let you feature hobbies and character traits of the birthday boy or girl.
  • Choose a backstage pass invitation that will get everyone excited about your party! Put a picture of the guest of honor front and center.
  • How about a personalized ticket invitation to the best party in town? It's a great invitation in the color of your choice that looks just like a real concert ticket! You can even have it made with a magnetic backing so guests can put it right on the refrigerator. An invitation and souvenir in one – what could be better?!
Invitation tip:  Don't forget to send your invitations 6-8 weeks in advance of the party.  Be sure to include an RSVP phone number and an RSVP date.  Your guests will also appreciation knowing the dress code for the event.

30th birthday decorations and party supplies
Great your guests with a birthday boy life-sized cutout or a birthday girl life-sized cutout . These are always a hit and are a great souvenir for the guest of honor!  Add a welcoming birthday photo banner to the entrance of your party as well. They are water proof, so you can even use them outside.

You don't need to go too crazy with decorations for this party. Regardless of your location, I would highlight the birthday boy or birthday girl. Set up a table (near the bar) with framed photos of the celebrant through the years. This is a great place for a "sign in" area - let guests sign a signature platter (available online or in many gift stores) or a personalized 3D sign in book.  Be sure to have plenty of balloon bouquets throughout the entire party.

30th birthday Table and bar Decorations


You'll want fun centerpieces on your tables:


  • Balloons to match the paper goods are always a fun and simple centerpiece.
  • Why not have balloons coming out of a birthday party hat? (use a balloon filled with sand to weigh is down) I guarantee you'll have people walking around the party wearing the hats WITH the balloons coming out. Talk about a photo op!
  • Flowers are, of course, always an appropriate centerpiece for any party, especially a birthday.
  • How about a fun cupcake tower for your centerpiece?  It takes care of your decor and your dessert all in one!

Create a light up bar! Serve drinks in light up glasses. They make a great favor!

birthday party Activities


Let your party location dictate your activities. You're pretty much set at a bowling alley. Have a wine tasting at a wine bar. If you're having a party at home, I think you'll find your guests are happy to enjoy each other's company. Here are a few 30th birthday party ideas for activities.


Roast the birthday boy or girl - ask guests to come with a funny story, poem or photo of the celebrant to share at the party.   Just ask your guests not to go too over the top and embarrass the birthday boy or girl
Set up a photo op - Remember that lifesize cutout of the celebrant that greeted your guests?  After everyone has arrived, move the cutout into a prominent area at the party and have someone stationed to take digital photos of everyone with the cutout.  Bring a photo printer and have the photos printed right at the party.

  birthday party favors

Hand out a sweet treat to thank all of the guests for celebrating with you. A tasty personalized candy bar is a fun favor for all your guests to take home. Here are some other fun personalized favorites:
We hope these 30th birthday party ideas have helped with your planning! From us here at, have a great 30th Party!