21st Birthday Party Ideas - Pub Crawl!

 You’ve waited a long time to turn 21 and now it’s time to celebrate (responsibly) and in style. There are tons of great 21st birthday party ideas out there to celebrate this milestone birthday, but a night out on the town is definitely the way to go. Organizing a pub crawl is a fun way to get together with friends to celebrate. And while you cannot go wrong with good friends and drinks, adding a few personalized touches will take the party over the top!

21st Birthday Pub Crawl Invitations

A really special occasion deserves a truly special 21st birthday invitation that will let everyone know that this will be a night to remember.

Another great choice are these great semi-custom caricature invitations. Using art that has already been drawn, we can add a photo face or a caricature face and personalize the message for you! We even have art of someone standing at a bar holding a beer - perfect for this pub crawl!

A backstage pass invitation will have all your guests buzzing. Not everyone receives a custom created invitation from Creations for You that looks just like a real backstage press pass. Include a photo or not – the choice is yours.

Or how about a personalized ticket invitation to the best party in town? Let Creations for You design an invitation in the color of your choice that looks just like a real concert ticket! You can even have it made with a magnetic backing so guests can put it right on the refrigerator. An invitation and souvenir in one – what could be better?!

Pub Crawl Wearables


Since this is really a “mobile” party, you probably won’t have a lot of traditional decorations. One of our favorite 21st birthday party ideas is decorating the guests at your party! Here are our favorite party wearables:
  • 21st Birthday Sash - this is a must for a birthday girl!
  • Fedoras -  For a “dapper, downtown look” that everyone will love
  • Tiaras - Lots to choose from, I love the ones that light up so you will be “seen” as the sun goes down
  • Glow Jewelry - Buy a pack and let everyone accessorize... they’re a perfect way to light up the night!

21st birthday party games Entertainment
Need 21st birthday party ideas for fun bar games? Besides drinking and dancing, there are some great activities you can incorporate into your pub crawl:

Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of items that everyone in the group needs to collect as you go from place to place. Some items you might want to put on the list are:

  • Coaster with a bird on it
  • Embellished toothpick
  • Purple swizzle stick
  • 20 beer caps
  • Bar menu with stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer
  • A cocktail umbrella
  • Business card from a person whose name starts with J
  • Mini liquor bottle
  • Spork

Make the list as long and crazy as you like, but don’t forget to offer a prize to the winners!

Candy Shirts: Sew an equal number of Life Savers onto T- Shirts. Have team members put on the shirts before you head out. See what team can get rid of their Lifesavers first by having strangers bite them off the shirts.

For some extra fun, why not take along a new friend? A great addition to the party would be a birthday boy lifesize cutout or a birthday girl lifesize cutout. Imagine the conversation and laughter when you bring him or her along?

21st Birthday Pub Crawl Party Favors

Celebrate your big day with your own commemorative bottle label. Beer, water, wine or champagne, we have the perfect label for you. Make sure you have extras made, because everyone will want to take a bottle home.

There’s no better way to end the evening, than with a little bit of chocolate. A milk or dark chocolate candy bar covered in a personalized wrapper is a delicious way for your friends to remember your party.

Your 21st birthday will be an unbelievable day (and night!) and with the help of Party411.com it will be even more special. Everyone will anxiously await your next milestone event!