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100th Birthday Party Idea

100th Birthday Party Ideas

100th birthday party ideas
Wow! A 100th birthday is a truly wonderful milestone that calls for a special celebration.  It can be a low key event with family or a huge celebration with family and friends.  We've got plenty of 100th birthday party ideas to make your celebration as unique as a 100th birthday!
Choose your location based on the guest of honor and the guests who are being invited to the party.  Mobility may be an issue for some, so choose a location that is easy for people to get to for the party. Here are some location ideas for your celebration:
  • Assisted Living Facility - if your celebrant lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility, see if they have a party room available.
  • Local Rec Center - most rec centers have party rooms that you can rent out
  • Home - of course, any party can be held at someone's home
  • Museum - choose a favorite museum and call about renting a space
  • Event Facility - the benefit of hosting a party at an event center is experience.  Your event center can help with all of your planning needs.

You may want to provide transportation if many of the guests are coming from an assisted living facility.  You can rent a van or touch base with the facility to see if they can help transport guests to the party.

    100th Birthday Party Invitations
    Start by choosing a theme for your event and choose an invitation that works with the theme.  We think 100 is so amazing that you don't really need anything too fancy, but if your celebrant has a special interest, it's fun to work that into the party theme. 
    • A casino is great for a gambling lover.  A local event company can bring in casino games
    • An art theme for an art lover.  Have an invitation that looks like an artist's palette
    • A music theme for a music lover.  This would be great at a concert hall
    • A sports theme?  Rent a space at a sporting facility and plan a party based on their favorite team.
    • A travel theme is perfect for a birthday boy or girl who has seen the world
    We have a nice selection of invitations that are perfect for a 100th birthday.  We especially love the invitations with then and now photos.  What fun for all of your guests!  Here are our favorites:
    • 100th birthday party invitations - A nice selection of 100th birthday invites... add pictures and customize the wording for the event!
    • Ticket Invitations - Unique invitations that look like real event tickets.  This is a milestone event!
    • Caricature Invitation - A caricature invitation not only creates a great piece of art you can use several times during your event but it will also let you feature hobbies and character traits that can help theme your party. This is a completely custom invite, the only limit is your imagination!
    Throw some 100th birthday confetti in the envelope to make it special.  
      Invitation Tips: Friends of the celebrant will need all the details of the event.  Be sure to let everyone know a start and end time as well as details of the location.  Is valet parking available?  What is the dress code?  Are you requesting no gifts? Let everyone know! 
      Invitations should be mailed 6 weeks in advance to make sure people's calendars are open on the day of the event.  Also be sure to include an RSVP date and phone number on the invitation to help with your planning.
      100th birthday decorations and party supplies
      Welcome the birthday celebrant with a 100th birthday sash.  They will love it and it makes a great photo op during the party.  Once the birthday boy or girl is decorated, be sure to decorate the party.  Start with photos:
      • Enlarge photos of the celebrant through the years and hang them around the party area
      • Create a photo board with photos if you'd rather not hang as many photos.  This is a great way to show off photos.
      • Set up a table with framed photos
      • Create a board with newspaper articles and information from life 100 years ago.  People will love seeing more about "the good old days"
      There are also great decorations available specifically for 100th birthday.  Use them generously!

      Don't forget balloons at the party.  Put them everywhere!  Choose bright colors to match your invitations.  We suggest odd numbers of balloons in the bouquets for the best look with the balloons.  Balloon arches are also fantastic for entries and over food stations. 

      100th birthday party menu ideas and table decorations
      Take into account the age range of your 100th birthday party when planning your menu. If if you have several seniors on the guest list, plan on having a few lighter menu options, and avoid spicy and acidic dishes. Chicken salad sandwiches, casseroles, roast beef and fruit. It's easy to offer sandwiches... go to a local deli and have them made up. Or offer cold cuts and sandwich fixings. You should have non-caffeinated drinks on hand as well!

      100th birthday paper goods
      are perfect for a smaller party or a party at home.  If you're having a larger party at a catering facility, real china and silverware and cloth napkins are the way to go.  Even with real china, we would use the paper cocktail napkins as a way to add to the theme.
      When thinking about your tables, you should consider whether or not you want to assign tables to your guests.  If so, you'll want to make sure you have seating cards and table numbers available.  You can even name the tables for a bit of fun.  They can be named for different places the celebrant has traveled or for different decades of their life.
      Have fun with your table decorations!
      • Scatter 100 shape confetti around the center of the table.
      • Place a pair of 100 sunglasses at each place - no matter what age, people will love these!
      • Centerpieces can be as simple as framed photographs throughout the years, balloon bouquets or flowers.
      • Photo Tabletop Lanterns are another custom option that work really well for a milestone event.  They can be used as centerpieces on cocktail tables or as accents on larger tables.
      For another personal touch, consider these personalized water bottle labels or custom beer bottle labels, which your guests will love!
      Don't forget the birthday cake!  Even better, set out a selection of desserts for everyone to enjoy.  Just make sure you get everyone signing, "Happy Birthday" before digging into the spread.
      100th birthday party ideas - games and activities!
      Let's get Willard Scott involved here!  You can submit an application online for Willard to announce your birthday on the Today show.  Be sure to tape the segment and play it at the party.  The birthday boy or girl will love this special attention.
      This is your life - this is the perfect occasion for a "This is your life" style presentation.  Start with a slideshow of photos about the celebrant and then have someone tell their life story.  Add in bits of news stories from significant moments in their life.  You may want to print out copies of the speech to pass out to people at the party.
      Music time - If your birthday boy or girl is a music lover, perhaps a band or musical trio is in order for your party.  This doesn't have to be a wild dance party, but a band playing the classics as more of a show is a wonderful option for this party.
      100th Birthday Party Favors
      Memories of a wonderful evening are always the best souvenir but it's nice to send your guests home with a personalized party favor that honors our celebrant and celebrates the big day.

      Here are a few ideas for 100th birthday party favors:
      From all of us here at Party411.com we hope you have a perfect 100th Birthday Party!