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There’s nothing more fun than pretending to build something and wearing a hard hat. I mean, isn’t one of the first toys we got as kids, no matter how old we are today, was that thing where you hammer in the pegs? I hammered until I got that peg in, and sometimes it was a square peg into a round hole. It was then my parents should have worried. Anyway, a construction theme party is a great birthday party for any kid…

Construction Invitations
It won’t take long for the replies to come in once the kids get their invitation to this party. We love the fill in the blank construction invitations. To really get noticed, wrap the invitation in “caution” party tape just like the real thing they use at construction sites.

Construction Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Whether you decide to have the party indoors or out, a great way to welcome everyone is with orange traffic cones that scream CONSTRUCTION. Most likely, you can borrow them from your street department. Make a special entrance for the kids by using caution tape to make an X over the door with just enough room for them to walk through. (Adults will have to go in the back door…but they won’t care!)

Get The Kids Involved: Decorating construction party hard hats is a great activity prior to the party. Let your child put the name of each guest on the front of a hard hat with a black marker. Or make a cute logo (e.g., CCC: Chuckie’s Construction Co.) and color copy it onto labels that can be applied to the front. Add the guest’s name below in a different color. You can put the hard hats at each place on your table or pass them out as the children arrive.

Here are some other ideas for construction party decorations:

  • Construction area traffic signs are available and can be used as décor for the party and for over someone’s bed when all is said and done. That’s one way to remember the best party ever.
  • Using the removable construction wall decorations on a piece of foam board, make an autograph board for all the other construction workers to sign. The set comes with 23 pieces, so use any extra trucks and signs to decorate the room.
  • The dump truck Mylar balloons are the way to go to decorate around the room and on the table—add some black and yellow latex to the bouquet to save money. Of course we love theme Construction Pals truck mylar as well

Construction Party Table Decorations and Menu
The table should be your focal point for this party because it can just be soooo cute. Here are a few quick and easy ideas:


  • Tape an “x” on each chair with the caution tape mentioned above.
  • Use the Bulldozer Piñata as a centerpiece and after the ice cream and cake hang it somewhere where the kids can “deconstruct” it!
  • Instead of hanging the Construction Pals wall decals on the wall, use them as placemats—a great way to decorate your table.
  • Make sure to use the Construction Pals paper goods (the dump truck dinner plates and the yellow and black striped napkins scream the theme).
  • At each place, put a Construction Pals Cup filled with juice of choice—it even comes complete with a straw! Make sure to make a couple of table tents or a sign for the wall that says, “HARD HAT AREA”…
A fast food lunch is the way to go. What construction site doesn’t have a row of workers sitting on a wall wolfing down cheeseburgers and fries or a hotdog with the works? Construction workers don’t eat chicken fingers, no way.

Of course, you’ll want cake! If you have the energy, make mini-cakes cut in the shape of a hammer, a saw, maybe even a screwdriver. Finish them off with the Construction Pals cone candles and a truck cake topper.

Construction Pals Games and Activities
Use these ideas to make the kids feel like they really work in construction! Make sure they wear their hard hats. And be sure to check out our Kids Birthday Party Games for more great ideas!

  • Let the kids “construct” cupcakes at a cupcake bar. Give them the cupcakes without the frosting and let them frost and decorate one to take home.
  • Build houses out of graham crackers using graham crackers, of course, frosting and other edibles.
  • Get out the Legos™.

Construction Party Party Favors
Since by the end of the party everyone will know lady bugs are good luck, send them home with favors that will remind them how lucky they were to celebrate with you!



Hammer away at this party, and you’ll have a great success and one happy little construction worker and crew!