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Lovely Ladies Birthday Tea Party


One of my favorite memories from childhood is celebrating my 5th birthday with an elaborate tea party for me and my closest friends. Everyone dressed in their frilliest dresses with gloves and hats and Mary Jane shoes. We sat on the porch in the backyard for hours feeling like real grown-ups, sipping our pretend tea and feeding finger sandwiches to our teddy bears, but having the fun that only kids can have. Whether it takes place in your backyard in the afternoon sun or in your living room with the "good china," give your favorite little girl a Birthday Tea Party that she will remember forever.

Tea Party Invitations
Start with a beautiful party invitation that will get all the ladies excited for the party. A pink party invitation works perfectly for this party. Be sure to let them know they should dress in their finest tea party outfits.

Another creative idea is to cut out patterned wallpaper in the shape of a teacup and glue it to a piece of cardstock (also cut out in the shape of a teacup). Write all of the tea party details on the opposite side, and hand deliver the invitations to your closest friends.

Get the kids involved: Another idea is to purchase mini bears dressed like little ladies and attach an invitation to the paw. Let your child help by decorating the invitation with crayons, glitter or tea party stickers! It might be fin to invite the kids to each bring their favorite teddy bear as a guest to the party as well!

Tea Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome the ladies with classical music in the background to add to the elegance of the party. Have a table set up for them to add to their beautiful tea party outfits. Offer them a pair of white gloves. Present each of your guests with a beautiful tiara as well.

Lovely and fun dessert plates, doilies, napkins, tablecloths, and cutlery are all a must for your tea party! You can use real china or choose fun tea party paper goods. A small tea set is a wonderful centerpiece as well.

In addition to the tea kettle in the center of the table, place a nice basket with chocolates or wrapped candies inside of it. Tie some balloons to the handle of the basket to add to the presentation. Make sure to place the different tea condiments around the table as well.

Another idea is to use straw hats with floral decorations as the base to anchor the balloons.

Make finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off. It's best to make things like grilled cheese and peanut-butter and jelly since girls are likely not fans of watercress and cucumber. If you're feeling super creative let the girls use cookie cutters to cut their sandwiches into different shapes.

There are so many different teas to drink out there, offer a variety of tasty beverages like strawberry, raspberry or apple cinnamon tea. You'll want to make sure they are decaffeinated for the kids.

For dessert have a variety of fresh fruit and a tower of cupcakes, cookies and other fun sweets. Your birthday cake can be shaped like a tea pot!

Tea Party Activities
Have each child make her own special tea party place mat. While the kids are busy making cookies have someone take the homemade place mats to Kinko's to be laminated so they can take them home at the end of the evening. Here's a fun and free placemat template you can use for the artwork.

Of course you'll want to make tea party cookies! Buy some sugar cookie mix and refrigerate it for a few hours before the party (to ensure that it will be easy to roll). Buy some small cookie cutters in various shapes, and let the girls go to town! Buy sprinkles and other fun cookie top decorations so everyone can decorate their own cookies.

Another fun activity is to let the girls decorate the white gloves you gave them at the beginning of the party with puffy paint and glitter.

Tea Party Favors
You can have a lot of fun with favors for a tea party. Fill a beautiful tea cup and saucer set with Hershey's kisses and wrap the cup in a cellophane bag. Or go fill your own bag with an assortment of fun gifts like Personalized Spiral Lollipops.

Your tea party is sure to be a hit with the birthday girl and all of the ladies in attendance! Happy birthday!