Lady Bugs…A Summer Time Kids Party!


What little girl wouldn’t want a ladybug birthday party with her face on LadyBug invitations, LadyBug plates, LadyBug centerpieces and LadyBug favor boxes? Not to mention all the summer fun that goes with it? Not a one. And, by the way, ladybugs are good luck! So plan a ladybug theme birthday party for your cute bug's birthday.

Lady Bugs…Oh So Sweet Invitations
Start with a fun personalized ladybug theme invitation that is perfect for this theme birthday party.

You can use a very cute LadyBug personalized invitations with either a red or pink theme!

Get The Kids Involved: Make your own invitations by cutting out color copies of a ladybug and adding a bit of glitter to her wings or sequins to those fun little dots. You can have your choice by searching ladybug illustrations on the internet and picking one that looks like it will fun and easy to decorate!

Make sure to let everyone know that ladybugs are good luck and that all your troubles fly away with any ladybug that lands on you. It’s also common knowledge that if a ladybug is held in the hand while making a wish, the direction in which it flies away will show where your luck will come from. Ah, trivia.

Lady Bugs…Decorations and Party Supplies
You may want to rent a room at the zoo or turn your patio (weather permitting) or den into a garden where ladybugs abound. Gather your plants and flowers to create a great atmosphere for this event.

Next, a few balloon bouquets will make the room pop. If you have larger houseplants and the party is at home, you can easily tie them off the branches. After all, where else would you find a lady bug? Choose a ladybug mylar with black and red latex balloons.

Lady Bugs…Table Decorations and Menu
The table should be your focal point for this party because it can just be soooo cute.

  • Pink, black and red papergoods are a MUST.
  • Using black and red crepe paper make a two-color bow around each chair with ends hanging down (like wings). 
  • Scatter heart-shaped confetti all over the table to “glitter” it up.

Of course, you’ll want a ladybug shaped cake! Or choose ladybug cupcakes with a ladybug cupcake wrappers and picks

LadyBug…Oh So Sweet Games and Activities
Activities are especially important for kids parties. And be sure to check out our Kids Birthday Party Games for more great ideas!

  • LadyBug Bean Bag Toss
  • Pin the Dot on the Ladybug—cut out a big ladybug or use one of the wall decals; cut out black dots to place on the ladybug’s wings (use tape instead of pins!). No kidding.

LadyBugs…Party Favors
Since by the end of the party everyone will know lady bugs are good luck, send them home with favors that will remind them how lucky they were to celebrate with you!

Everyone will feel lucky they were invited as soon as they walk in the door—ladybugs or not! And we don’t have to wish you good luck…just put a ladybug on your shoulder and consider it done.