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Slumber Party Games. Games to Play at a Sleepover.
M&Ms Game
  • Envelopes
  • M&M’s
  • Paper & Pen 
To Play
  • Divide everyone into two or three teams.
  • Write out some clues. For example, purple, black and bouncy would indicate that the M&M’s were hidden on my purple and black trampoline.
  • Each team gets the same clue, in a different order so the other team doesn't see where the clue is.
  • Place at each location a cup of M &M's hidden somewhere.
  • The team takes 3 M&M's at each spot. They don't know how much each M&M is worth until the end.
  • Then the team with the most points at the end wins!!
Stuffy Game
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Blindfold
To Play
  • On the invitation ask your friends to bring a stuffed animal.
  • When everyone gets there put all of the stuffed animals in a pile.
  • Then one by one people are blindfolded and they have to find their stuffed animal without looking!
  • Whoever picks their stuffed animal wins.
Dress-up Superhero
You can only play this if you have a bunch of Halloween costumes and dress up clothes.

  • Halloween Costumes
  • Dress Up Clothes
To Play
  • Two people go into a different room where the clothes are.
  • They have 2 minutes to create a superhero out of the clothes. Someone could slap some clothes on and call herself... "I didn't have a costume 2 minutes ago Man!!"

  • Blanket
  • Paper
  • Dress Up Clothes
  • Flashlight
To Play
  • Set up a blanket so it hangs from the ceiling with enough room so someone can stand behind it and all you can see is their shadow.
  • Assign someone as the reader who will read the papers.
  • The papers have questions on them like hobbies and their favorite band.
  • Four people go behind the curtain and dress up in the play clothes.
  • One person comes forward and the audience shines a flashlight on them so you can see their shadow.
  • The person answers the reader’s questions and the audience has to guess who it is.
  • You can play with question papers, or the audience can ask the person questions.

  • Deck of Cards
To Play
  • Pick a leader, and get everyone into a circle.
  • Shuffle a deck of cards, taking out all the jacks, queens, kings & aces.
  • Leave only one king, one queen, and one ace.
  • Hand each person in the circle one card. Make sure they don’t tell anyone their card. If they get a card with a number then they are just a regular person.
  • If they get a queen, they are "the doctor", if they get the king, they become "the cop" and the ace becomes "the mafia".
  • Now everyone hands back their cards and closes their eyes.
  • The leader calls, "Mafia, open your eyes." When the mafia opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "Who do you want to kill?" Silently, the Mafia points to the "victim", who can be anyone.
  • Then the mafia is instructed to close his/her eyes. The leader calls, "Cop, open your eyes." When the cop opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "who do you think the mafia is?" The cop silently points to the person who he/she thinks is the mafia.
  • Next, the cop is instructed to close his/her eyes. The leader calls, "Doctor, open your eyes." When the doctor opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "Who do you want to save?" Silently the doctor points to the person who he/she thinks the mafia is after and that person will not "die" for that round and the doctor is instructed to close his/her eyes.
  • Next, the leader says, "Everyone open your eyes." When everyone’s eyes are open, the leader announces whom the mafia "killed" and if the doctor did or did not save him/her. That person is out of the game.
  • Everyone guess whom he or she thinks the mafia is.
  • After the discussion, they vote and "kill" who they think the mafia is. If it was the mafia they killed, they won, if not, they killed an innocent person and that person is out.
  • The game continues through a few more rounds. 
The object of this game is to confuse the psychiatrist.

  • Just Add Guests! ™
To Play
  • Get in a circle and decide who is going to be the doctor. That person leaves the room.
  • Then choose as a group the problem you all have. For example, say you choose "You all think your elderly people of the opposite sex" or "You think your all famous TV actors."
  • When agreed, you get the doctor and the doctor goes around the circle asking questions to figure out the problem. The doctor might ask, "How old are you?" you reply, "I'm ......60...70?? ah, I don’t remember." Play along with the voice. Try your best to confuse the doctor.  If the doctor gives up, you win. You lose if he guesses your problem.