Robot Theme Kid's Birthday Party. Robot Party Supplies. Great ideas for robot theme invitations, favors and party supplies.

Robot Theme Birthday Party

What little boy wouldn’t want a robot theme for his birthday? They’ve heard about all kinds of robots, they’ve seen them at the movies and on TV; they’ve probably even seen a rerun of the Jetsons. No two look alike, but they all represent the same thing: a fascination with the future with a little science fiction mixed in. All I can say is thank goodness our children are too young to remember those robot dance moves some of us used to try! Here are the nuts and bolts for a great robots theme birthday party!
Robots Birthday Invitations
A personalized robots theme invitation is a great way to start this futuristic birthday party!  Don't forget the time, place and RSVP information.

Get the kids involved: No reason you shouldn’t let your child make his own invitation with a drawing of a robot or android as he sees it. Pull some references off the web—from the Robots movie (2005) to Star Wars or Star Trek-- and let the creativity run wild. Make color copies, put the party info on the back, and mail them out.

Robots Decorations and Party Supplies

At the entrance, some directional arrows are fun pointing the kids in the direction of the Robot Laboratory, Robot Charging Station, Robot Overhaul Garage—all pointing to the wherever you are hosting the party.

The Robots personalized birthday banner is great fun, and it can be signed, too. A great piece of memorabilia for a bedroom wall!
  • Robots Wall Decals —removable!
  • Balloons mixed with yellow, red and blue latex will fill up any room and make great table decorations.

If you really want to impress the kids, have a couple of adults dress up at Rock 'em Sock 'em robots and come to the party to entertain the kids.

Robots Birthday Party Table and Menu
Choose your paper goods to match your invitations!  This will help you pull through the theme—dinner plates, dessert plates, matching cups and even matching color plastic utensils. Blues, greens and red will look great together.
Create a robot for your centerpiece!  The kids will love helping with this project.  Use cans, foil, paper towel rolls and nuts and bolts.  Let you imagination go crazy and you and the kids will certainly make a fun robot centerpiece.   If you want, add foil-wrapped chocolate nuts and bolts scattered at the bottom.  But make sure the kids move like a robot while they’re eating and talk like a robot when they’re not. What great video, no?
Want something a little different? There is a giant Pez robot dispenser that you can use center table.  It’s a great birthday present or a great prize for whomever wins at Robot Wars.  
And then there are the kids’ favorites for menu, but the titles aren’t as appetizing. Will the kids know? Never!
  • Cyborg Chicken Fingers
  • Transformers Toasted Cheese
  • Bionic Burgers
  • Bot Tater Tots
  • Android Apple Sauce
  • Nuts and Bolts Trail Mix
And for dessert serve this tasty treat – marshmallow robots the kids make themselves using toothpicks and marshmallows. Or even Rice Krispy treats they can cut in robot forms.
Don’t want the kids to be sticky when you send them home to mom and dad? Check out Betty Crocker’s incredibly creative robot cake—looks delish!

Robotic Birthday Party Games and Activities
Walk Like a Robot, Talk Like a Robot…and vote on who’s best.

Watch reruns of The Jetson’s, now available on DVD, and you’ll enjoy Rosie the Robot just as much as the kids. Maybe more. Scary.

Make robots with small cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, foil and buttons or use a craft kit that comes ready made.

Have a Nuts and Bolts Treasure Hunt—hide nuts and bolts throughout the house (wherever kids are allowed) and the kid with the most nuts and bolts wins! Easy as that!
Robots Birthday Party Favors
A party favor bag filled with favors filled with Robots stickers, notepad, crayons and more is just fine because the kids will be worn out from doing the walk and talking the talk!  Some personalized robots theme candy bar wrappers also make great party favors for the kids!  How about these fun favors:
Don't forget that you will be sending the kids home walking and talking like robots—so warn the parents so they’re not alarmed.