Girls Pink Theme Party. Cute girls party idea.

Pink Poodle in Paris

Ooh la la! We think this party is "tres magnifique!" A Pink Poodle in Paris is a lovely theme for a girl's birthday party. It makes a for a great tea party and the pink, lavender and pale green color scheme is very feminine.

Pink Poodle in Paris Birthday Invitations
Invite your guests to the Pink Poodle birthday party with these fun, colorful fill in the blank Pink Poodle in Paris invitations. Just fill out the details and you're all set. There are even matching thank you notes that you'll want to get for after the party.

Really want to set your party apart? A personalized pink boarding pass invitation will get everyone in the mood to travel to Paris. Just tell your guests to bring their passports and since they are going to Paris, encourage them to dress in their Paris best!

Get the kids involved: Involve your child in the party planning process by letting them design the invitations. Print pictures of poodles (or Paris) on cardstock and print the party information on the back. Kids can add glitter and sparkles to the invitation.

No matter what invitation you choose, include a sheet of Pink Poodle stickers in each invitation to get the kids even more excited. You can also use the stickers as envelope seals.

Pink Poodle Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations
Welcome guests with a poodle themed personalized banner hanging in the party room.
Around the room scatter bouquets of balloons of Pink Poodle Mylar balloons and latex balloons in lavender and pink. We would use Pink Poodle beanie dolls instead of regular balloon weights! They are much more fun. (Don't forget helium and curling ribbon!)

This party theme is ideal for a tea party and we know little ladies love tea parties. Offer punch in tea cups, cheese and crackers, finger sandwiches and other finger foods. To make a fun fizzy pink punch, mix raspberry sherbet and either ginger ale or lemon lime soda.
Start with the Pink Poodle party supplies to decorate your table. Choose from plates and napkins to cups, party hats and more. I would choose solid color table covers and utensils in pink, lavender and pale green for your tables. Your plates and decorations will have more impact on solid table covers. Choose one color if you're having one table, or get an assortment for many tables.
An Eiffel Tower centerpiece in the middle of the table will make your guests feel like they are in Paris. Scatter a few Pink Poodle beanie dolls around the table. They will look adorable with your decorations.
For dessert, try petit fours, cookies, or even Pink Poodle sugar cookies! Of course you'll want to have a fabulous cake as well. Look for a local bakery to design a cake that looks like a poodle or even a dog bone! Don't forget Pink Poodle cake toppers.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Games and Activities
Just because this is an elegant tea party, doesn't mean you can't have fun! A Pink Poodle piñata is a great for the kids. Don't forget piñata filler toys and candy.

A fun dessert project is to let kids decorate their own dog bone cookies. Prebake sugar cookies using a dog bone cookie cutter and let the kids decorate their cookies with sprinkles, frosting and an assortment of yummy candy.

Another fun game is a poodle hunt. Hide more of those Pink Poodle beanie dolls around the room and let the kids search for them. You can give prizes to whoever finds the most. Use the beanies for a fun game of "hot dog" - just like hot potato!

Here are some other fun Kids Birthday Party Games to play during the party.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Favors
When it's time to say "au revoir" to your guests, you can make life easy and choose a Pink Poodle in Paris favor kit which includes a 5½" pink poodle bean bag, charm bracelet, crayons, Pink Poodle notepad and sticker sheet.

We here at are sure "vos invités un moment merveilleux" - your guests will have a wonderful time!