Help planning a perfect Kids Party. Ideas for a kids birthday party. Planning help for your kids party including great ideas for invitations, favors and party supplies.

The Perfect Kid's Birthday Party

  Planning a kids birthday party for your child, doesn't mean a lot of trouble. Everyone wants their kid’s birthday party be special—we know that! We have come up with a simple, and fun, approach that we think works for most kid’s birthday parties.
Children relate to cartoon or movie characters, or they have special interests like sports or even dinosaurs. Fortunately for you there are plenty of birthday party items that feature these characters. Check out all of your great options -
You’ll have a party that your child knows was designed just for them and will make your life much easier. If you choose a theme stick with it as much as possible. You can use the following ideas to personalize it and make it really special. Or if you want to throw a classic kids birthday party the following ideas will help you make it a birthday to remember!

Kids Birthday Invitations
Once you have your theme, you’re ready to choose an invitation. Of course, the invitation is one of your most important decisions, because it lets the guests know in advance what a great party you’re planning and what a great time they will have.

Based on your theme (or lack of), we have something for everyone. If you pick a licensed character (by far the most popular choice for a kid’s birthday) your choices will usually include invitations. The easiest way to go but there are other options. If your boy or girl is going to invite classmates you can order paper plates of the star character and write your invitation on the back. Not only different but hard for a little one to lose.

Of course, if you are feeling ambitious you can make your own invitations. I think this is the most fun when you can get your child to help. Your invitations will certainly be original. You can always use the old standby of paper and crayons but more and more kids are getting very accomplished with the computer.

Really want to wow your guests and give your party that personal touch? Think about ordering our personalized birthday invitations. There is a wide selection of theme invitations as well as fun birthday theme invites to choose from.

Kid's Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies

Depending on where you are having the party (inside or out) and the time of day, you can go light or heavy on the décor. It helps to make the party more festive, but it’s your choice. Listed below are the items we love for our kids birthday parties…but you can pick and choose.

Personalized Banner - welcome everyone with pizzazz! You can hang it outside to let everyone know where the party is, or hang it inside for a perfect wall decorations. Add your own wording, and many designs even let you include a picture.
Balloons - A party staple! Make balloon bouquets from latex balloons in colors that coordinate with your theme. Add a Mylar balloon that matches the theme to each bunch if one is available. Always use an odd number of balloons to make the best looking bouquets. Don't for get the coordinating curling ribbon and the helium tank!
Crepe Paper - There is nothing that screams birthday party as much as crepe paper streamers hung around a party room. High impact for a low cost - perfect!
Theme Paper Goods - We mentioned earlier that choosing a theme with your paper goods is a great way to go. The bonus of this is that there are usually matching wall decorations, balloons and favors for the designs. Check out the party supplies for girls and the party supplies for boys.
Personalized Centerpieces -  For a great personal touch, these photo centerpieces (pastel for girls and primary for boys) are a wonderful addition to your table. They are 3 sided, so have a balloon bouquet coming out of each one for perfect table decorations!
Here are a few more great kid's birthday party decorations and supplies that work with just about any age and any theme:
Now that the room is decorated let's have some fun!
Kids Birthday Games
You always have to have some games. Kids love to run around so you might as well organize the mayhem. For some great ideas check out our kid's birthday party games.
Here are a few games that are ready to go:
 What fun!

Kids Birthday Favors
  Loot bags are always popular. A little bit of candy, some stickers and other assorted goodies put in something easy to carry. It’s always fun to use something that fits your theme. For example if you are doing Finding Nemo, or are having a beach party, use some plastic beach pails as your “bag”. Here is a great primary colored favor box that is great for birthday party favors.
Fill your loot bag with some fun toys and candy - 
The favors will serve as a sweet reminder of a fantastic party. Have a perfect time at your child's birthday party!