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High School Musical Party

It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 20, girl or boy, everyone loves High School Musical (and High School Musical 2). Turn that dynamic dance-a-thon into your own party that will have your friends singing and laughing the night away.

High School Musical Invitations
The fun starts as soon as the invitations arrive. Make it an easy costume party and suggest your guests dress as Gabriella, Sharpay, Troy or another one of their favorite cheerleaders or basketball players. Whatever you decide, be sure to use a bright red pen on the invitation since red is an East High color!

Want something a little more special? Photo ticket invitations are perfect for the hottest event in town! Add a picture and choose your wording for a great personalized (and unique) party invitation.

Get the kids involved: You can have them help with the invitations. Cut out musical notes in gold or silver and write the party information on the back. Include gold star confetti for extra fun. Be sure to mail out your invitations 4-6 weeks in advance so people have plenty of time to RSVP.

High School Musical Theme Decorations
A High School Musical party is more of an indoor than outdoor event. But you can still create some excitement as your guests are coming in. Decorate the front of your house with red and white twinkle lights (remember the East High colors?) Snap a photo as your guests are walking in just like the real paparazzi, have them stand next to stand ups of Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and Chad.  Take the pictures at the party and then send the picture with the thank you card!

Hang a High School Musical banner on your front door and everyone will be smiling as they walk in.  Then hand out High School Musical Etch-it® labels so your guests can have a fun nametag. Or they can use the labels for glasses or cups at the party so they don't get mixed up.

This is a great party for kids and you can do a lot without spending tons of money. Balloons are a colorful and economical way to decorate. Use bunches of latex balloons or even a Mylar basketball balloon mixed in the bouquets. Don't forget the helium tank to inflate the balloons.

This party is all about music and fun. Be sure to have the soundtrack from High School Musical playing. Make a CD of your own favorite songs and add it to the music mix.

High School Musical Table Decorations
Whatever you’re serving, be sure to use the great High School Musical tableware that’s available.  We think the High School Musical paper goods are fabulous and will all look great on a red tablecover with plates and cups in East High colors of red and white.!

The balloons can be used as centerpieces on the tables as well. Or have the whole High School Musical gang on the table and use the High School Musical centerpiece. Pom poms also make great table decorations – although they won’t stay on the table long!

Set out star microphone cups at each place or have them on a table with drinks for the kids. They are too fun and make a great favor. You should take a black Sharpie marker and add a name to each cup so they don't get mixed up during the party.

After singing and dancing, your guests will be ready for a break. If your party is for birthday, have your local bakery make a special High School Musical cake. Want a more substantial menu? Serve concession stand food like hot dogs, nachos, French fries, popcorn and ice cream bars. Your crowd will love it!

high school musical Party Activities
It’s time to dance and sing the night away! Help your guests dress for the occasion with lots of glitter and sparkle. Bling is the theme with glitter bracelets and body crystals. Pass out fun hats and sunglasses to add to the party!

When they’re ready to sing, give your guests magic microphones that are both very cool. Create a stage area where your little stars can shine. An impromptu talent show will have everyone cheering and makes another great photo op!

For extra fun, have your crowd play some party games. Traditional favorites like musical chairs, charades (use movie or song themes) or a piñata filled with piñata candy and toys are always a hit. And don’t forget, you can always show your guests the High School Musical movie – they’ll love watching it (again!)

high school musical Party Favors
Unfortunately, at some point every party has to end. But there are wonderful party favors that you can give your guests to help them remember what a great time they had. A delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar wrapped in a personalized candy bar wrapper (you can even use the same theme you used on your invitation) is a delicious treat. It’s a sweet and unique reminder of your party.

Send your guests home with special party favors. The High School Musical: Friends 4 Ever party favor box come complete with a sticker sheet, a High School Musical Friends Forever assorted button, play microphone and an assorted lipstick pen.

Or, make your own or use High School Musical favor boxes and fill them with a personalized CD. Here are some other fun High School Musical theme favors:
High School Musical is the perfect party theme. It’s colorful and lively and with Party411.com’s help, you can be guaranteed that all your guests will have a great time!