Hello Kitty Birthday Party


A Hello Kitty theme birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate your child's special day. Picture a party filled with vibrant colors and all of the whimsy and fun of Hello Kitty. Now throw in a kid-friendly Hello Kitty themed menu and fun party activities and crafts and you have a party that will be fun for the birthday girl and all of her friends (and the parents will love it too)!

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations
A personalized polka dot invitation is a fun way to invite everyone to your Hello Kitty theme party. If you want to make the invite extra special you can include a little hair bow in the envelope; Hello Kitty would never be seen without her signature bow! You can always choose a fill in the blank Hello Kitty invitaton and matching thank you note set.

Add some Hello Kitty confetti to your envelopes and be sure to save some to add to the tables at your party.

Get the kids involved: You can always make your own invitations. Print out all of the party details and layer them on pink, white or green cardstock. Let the guest of honor add glitter and stickers for decoration. Everyone will love these unique and handmade invitations, and the birthday girl will love helping out!

Keep in mind that it is best to send out the invitations 3-5 weeks before the date of the party. If the birthday will have a younger crowd 1 1/2 to 2 hours is a good party length. The older the children, the longer the party can be, but for the sake of the parents 3 hours should be your limit.

Hello Kitty Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
Fill the room with bunches of Hello Kitty latex balloons! Balloon bouquets are great for your entrance, tables and the corners of the party room. If your party is outside, use balloons around the perimeter of the space to help define the area. A few Hello Kitty plush toys as balloon weights will be really cute!

Pink and lavendar crepe paper streamers can decorate the ceiling and with Hello Kitty ceiling swirls.

Cut out one 5" circle and four 2" circles from pink construction paper to make a cute paw print. You can use several paw prints to decorate a wall, window, or pathway. A few clear vases filled with fluffy white and pink carnations and baby's breath can brighten up your side tables and any other bare area.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Table and Menu
Give your party a kick with the perfect table. We have a full Hello Kitty theme of paper goods including plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths!

For food you can serve all of the kid's favorites with names inspired by Hello Kitty characters -

  • Badtz-Maru Burgers
  • Keroppi Krinkle Fries
  • Pandapple Fruit Cups
  • Little Twin Stars Sherbet Punch
  • and a Hello Kitty Cake for dessert!

If your local bakery doesn't do a Hello Kitty style cake, purchase a white frosted sheet cake with pink frosting details and dot confetti. Add a Hello Kitty candle set to help it stick with the theme. Or set out cupcakes on a Hello Kitty cupcake stand.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Games and Activities
There are plenty of fun games and activities you can do to entertain all of your little guests:

Pin the bow on Hello Kitty - Enlarge a graphic of Hello Kitty and have everyone try to place the bow correctly while blindfolded. Write the name of the player on each bow so you can tell who the winner is at the end of the game.

Cookie Decorating - Provide prebaked sugar cookies, frosting and colorful sprinkles. The kids will do the rest with their creativity!

Make Friendship Bracelets - If your group is older have them braid bracelets from embroidery thread. If the kids are younger stringing pony beads on an elastic thread is a more suitable craft.

Hello Kitty Pinata - there is nothing better than this classic party game.

Here are some other fun Kids Birthday Party Games.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Favors
As your guests get ready to leave, hand them a goodie bag as a way to say goodbye, and thanks for coming! Here are a few more items that make great favors -


From Party411.com, have a great time at your Hello Kitty theme birthday party!