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Princess Party Ideas

Almost every little girl wants to be a princess at some point in her young life. Putting on a sparkly dress and tiara and dreaming about Prince Charming is the ultimate fantasy! Make her dream come true (even if it’s only for an afternoon) and throw a Princess Party. With little effort on your part, you will have a roomful of smiling, joyful Cinderellas, Belles and Snow Whites. It’s the perfect way to help make your own little princess’ dreams come true!
Princess Invitations
Send an invitation that will have all of your guests giggling with excitement! A personalized princess birthday invitation - maybe even one with a picture of the princess on it – will be sure to gain a place of honor on the refrigerator door. Be sure to encourage your guests to wear their favorite ball gowns; tiaras can be optional.
You can also make your own invitation which is lots of fun and a great way to get your princess involved. Cut crowns or tiaras out of card stock paper. Choose gold, purple or deep pink, all very royal colors. Using glitter glue, outline both sides of the invitation. Write the party information with a silver, gold or black marke!
If the guest list is small, consider buying a few tiaras and using them as the invitations. Cut diamond shapes out of pink or purple cardstock paper. Write the party information on them, punch one hole in the top and attach them to the tiaras with a thin satin ribbon. Drop the invitations off at your guests’ houses. Everyone will be so excited to receive her very own tiara and you’re guaranteed a well-dressed crowd!
Princess Decorations and Party Supplies
Start with a few WOW decorations that will show everyone what a special day it is! As all the princesses enter the castle welcome them with a personalized princess banner featuring the guest of honor. As you guests walk in the castle gates (ok so it’s really the front door) they will see a fabulous life-sized cutout of the guest of honor as a beautiful princess!
How about a sign-in area where everyone can leave a message for the birthday girl? Create a sign in board that looks like a royal proclamation (take a long piece of white butcher paper, which can be purchased at the grocery store, roll it at both ends and attach to foam core or another hard surface so it will be easy to write on). It will be a memento fit for a princess – or even a queen – and cherished long after the party is over.
Dress up your party room to look like a magic kingdom. Drape the walls and ceiling with in pink, purple and white crepe paper. Attach removable princess wall decorations or movie posters for extra fun. Make sure there is a music playing all the time. Soundtracks from all the classic princess movies are easily available and your guests will love dancing and singing along.
Nothing says a party like balloons so be sure to place balloon bouquets around the room. We love pink latex balloons mixed with pink mylar stars!
Princess Table Decorations and and Menu
We love these adorable pink and white polka dot paper goods for a princess party!
Centerpieces are always a nice addition to any table and they don’t have to be expensive. You can make your own using crowns and beads and princess dolls. The Cinderella princesses fairy tale centerpiece is also a great choice. It matches all your paper goods, looks great and will delight your guests. Remember those balloon bouquets you placed by the front door? Move one to the table for added color and height.
A royal celebration deserves a royal meal!
  • Serve sandwiches in the shape of crowns – cut them out yourself or buy a crown-shaped cookie cutter.
  • A shiny red apple is a perfect healthy and theme-appropriate addition to your feast. (Assure your guests that you did not get these apples from the evil queen!) Serve a fun fizzy pink punch by mixing raspberry sherbet and either ginger ale or lemon lime soda. Add colorful ice cubes made from frozen grape juice or fruit punch.
  • Dessert can be delicious cupcakes with pink, purple or white frosting. Add a fun cupcake topper like a ring or princess figure to them.
  • If you’re making a cake, create a fabulous castle cake (recipes are available in children’s cookbooks or online) or build your cake around a princess doll where the ball gown is the actual cake. 
Princess Party Activities
After your royal meal, have your guests escorted to the game area. Announce each princess, and have her curtsy as she walks in accompanied by a soundtrack of trumpet music.
Your guests will love to create their own tiaras and crowns! Give each princess a cardstock crown and provide markers, sticker jewels and glitter glue for decorating. You can have everyone model her creation. This is a great activity since the crown becomes a party favor as well!
Coloring pages, showing a princess-theme movie, or reading a story about a princess (your local library is sure to have an extensive collection) are all quieter, but equally good activities. Games like “hot crown” (played like hot potato) or “pin the crown on the princess” are easy and entertaining. Younger guests might prefer more low key fun.
Princess Theme Party Favors
A small pink or purple bag, available at local discount or craft stores, make wonderful favor bags. Have your birthday princess decorate them with stickers. You can also add these special treats:
Your Pretty Princess Party is sure to leave all the guests feeling like royalty long after the party is over.  Enjoy!