Candyland Birthday Party


We think Candyland is the best game ever! We also think it makes a fun, sweet, and yummy birthday party. So, plan a Candyland theme birthday party and it will have your guests shouting "Goody Goody Gumdrops!"

Candyland Birthday Invitations
Invite your guests to the Candyland birthday party with these fun, colorful personalized Candyland theme invitations. Attach a large colorful lollipop or a small bag of candy. Another great idea is a personalized Candyland theme semi-custom caricature invitation with the birthday girl's face added on Princess Frostine. Name it Abby-land (with your name, of course) as the name of the game.

There is also a fun personalized Candyland theme candy bar wrapper that can be used as an invitation. You'll want to mail it in a padded envelope. Imagine how excited the kids will be when they are invited to a birthday party and the invitation is made of chocolate!


Candyland Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations
  • Start your decorations outside! If the weather is nice, use sidewalk chalk to draw a Candyland inspired board game leading up to the house or the party. Just draw big colored squares and add hearts, swirls, lollipops or other candy shapes to a few of the squares. Your kids will love helping with this!
  • If you've got an area leading to the party that is inside, cut large circles out of different colored cardstock. You and the kids can decorate those as well. Just tape them to the floor.
  • Once you are inside, a personalized Candyland banner is a great way to welcome your guests to the party. Hang it at the entrance to the party.
  • Just inside have life size Candyland cutout of Lolly (with your child's face!) welcoming your guests. You can even personalize them with a speech bubble. Next to her add cutouts of King Kandy, mr. mint and queen frostine.
  • Create your own candy balloon display for your party and make everyone feel like they are in Candyland! Take round latex balloons and twist them inside large sheets of colored cellophane. Twist and tie the ends to look like candy. These balloon candies can be hung from the ceiling, used on tables or scattered on the floor around the party.

Decorate each area of the party based on the different sections of the Candyland board game. You don't need to use all of these ideas, pick and choose what works best for your space, budget and group -

Gingerbread House

  • Build a Gingerbread House - Set out graham cracker squares, icing, various candies for decorating, disposable plates and knives so the kids can build their own gingerbread houses!
  • Decorate a gingerbread man or woman - Set up a decorating area for the kids to add icing and candies to prebaked gingerbread people.

Chocolate Mountain

  • Why not set up a chocolate fountain at Chocolate mountain?

Lollipop Woods

  • Inflatable Lollipops - Hang these for the ceiling!
  • Lollipop cutouts

Ice Palace

  • Snowflake Balloons - Create an easy balloon bouquet with these snowflake balloons.
  • Snowflake cutouts - do you remember making these by folding paper when you were a kid?

Ice Cream Slopes

  • This is the perfect spot to have a sundae bar!
  • Add white Christmas lights to this area for a little glow and sparkle
Candyland Birthday Table and Menu
There are great candy theme party supplies to help get your party started from plates and napkins to cups, tablecovers and party hats -
  • Candy Necklaces for napkin rings

And, you know the cards that come with the Candyland game? They make great confetti! Another great idea for confetti? Real gumdrops! You can get them at any drug store or candy store. Personalized swirl lollipops also make great confetti on the table. You can also get candy from a local drug store to scatter on the table. Set a bag of cotton candy at each place...or save them for dessert and set up a big display of the fun pink bags.

For dessert, have a "candy bar". I don't mean an actual bar of chocolate, but a large table filled with bags, jars and bowls and absolute mountains of all kinds of candy. We recommend wrapped candy and chocolates. (And, please be aware of any allergies before buying your candy.) Each guest may fill a small bag full of candy from this table. Eat some candy for dessert and take the rest home for a favor.


And, how about a "Jelly Bean Bar" with different flavors of jelly beans and recipes so people can mix and match their beans for new flavors? Have a menu of suggestions and sort the candy into different bowls. Be sure to label what flavor of jelly bean is in each bowl.
Candyland Birthday Party Games and Activities
A fun game is Name that Candy. For this game, give "candy clues." For example, the clue for number one could be "mean laughs." The candy that matches this clue is "Snickers." The clue for number 2 could be, "Lip smackers," and the candy that matches this could be "(Hershey) Kisses." Read them to the kids and see how they do!


  1. Mean Laughs
  2. Lip Smackers
  3. Opposite of Dum Dums
  4. Slippery digit
  5. A pooch's enemy
  6. Halfway to 10th Street
  7. Happy nuts
  8. When you make mountains out of molehills
  9. Flexible cubs
  1. Snickers
  2. Kisses
  3. Smarties
  4. Butterfinger
  5. Kit Kat
  6. 5th Avenue
  7. Almond Joy
  8. Mounds
  9. Gummi Bears
Here are some other fun Kids Birthday Party Games.
Candyland Birthday Party Favors

We love these ideas for favors at a Candyland theme party! Start with an empty Candy Land Favor box:


  • Rainbow sidewalk chalk
  • Candyland, the game - you can get this at your local toy store or Target
  • Personalized mint tins - filled with candy

Have fun! We're sure your Candy land theme party will be SWEET! While you're planning, enjoy some pictures of a Candyland party that we planned at