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Nascar™ Birthday Party Ideas

Fast cars going fast, bumping each other on the turn; the pomp, the pageantry, the pits, the roar of the engines. The NASCAR® circuit has become a truly national sport here in the United States. A racing theme birthday party for the race car lover sounds like a winner. Get your engine started with these Nascar birthday party ideas!

Race Day Party Invitations
Personalized driver's license invitations are perfect for a Nascar theme birthday party. Choose your own picture and your own wording, and every state is available!  Another popular style are personalized ticket invitations. You get to choose from nine colors and can order as few as 30. They also have optional magnet backers or lanyards!

Or make it easy on yourself and drive your guests to your door with one of our fabulous personalized race day personalized race day invitations!

Race Day Decorations and Party Supplies
The starting line is at your door with one of our race car driver cutouts, with your face providing a perfect welcome!  You can make your guests feel like they are really at the races by hanging checkered flag pennants around the room.  

Decorate your guests with plastic visors (Daytona, Florida, get it?) and emblazon their choice of winner across the front. Just give them a visor and a marker and let them go to town. 

Race Day Table Decorations and Menu

To have a really successful NASCAR theme party, you need a racetrack feel to your table. Choose from black and white checkered paper goods or Nascar-themed paper goods so that you stay in theme.

Everybody at your party will want to feel like a race car driver so why not give them the chance? For centerpieces, there are kids' racing helmets you can use in the table center with silver trophies. Mix in a few black and white latex balloons. Around the house, place bouquets of racecar and checkered flag balloons just for decoration.
Another good option is some mini race cars on the table. They make a great table accent and if you have kids around they'll start playing with them eventually.  We also think they are great for a centerpiece.  Get a tall glass cylinder vase and fill them to the top with the mini cars.   

Creative signage is one of our favorite Nascar birthday party ideas. Most likely you'll want to call your kitchen the "Corporate Pavilion" and pretend it's in the Hospitality Village. Make some signs directing people to the bar and the food with that kind of thinking! What to serve? Anything really works…but make sure to give each dish a "racing car" name (e.g., Diesel Dogs) or use famous drivers in front of each thing (e.g., Richard Petty Pepperoni Pizza).

Race Day Games and Activities
Of course, you'll want to have a betting pool. And check out for trivia…trivia games are always fun.

Don't forget your race car piñata, you can fill with all sorts of toys and candy. Save it until after the race so those who lost can vent their frustration. Otherwise, they'll be beating on the taker of the "checkered flag"...and that won't be good!

Race Day Party Favors
Well, you must try our personalized Race Day candy bar. Your friends will be ROARING when they read the ingredients and nutritional information that's all about you!  You may also want to pass out a few fun racing theme favors!

  • Whistles
  • Pom Poms
  • Toy Cars

Or your local candy store should have foil-wrapped chocolate cars. Put a few in a goody bag and give them out during the race or as a "thank you for coming" gift.

Give a good whoop in the pit for