Hollywood Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Lights! Camera! Action! Everyone loves the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, so why not bring Hollywood to your next birthday party? We here at Party411.com will set you up for a successful Hollywood party! Continue on to the set if you want to throw a memorable birthday party!

Hollywood Birthday Party Invitations


An invitation sets the tone for the party before it ever starts – so take the opportunity to reel your friends into the VIP with a personalized Hollywood invitation.

Consider sending a personalized backstage pass invitation to your guests.  How cool for your guests to get an exclusive invite with your smiling birthday face on it!  Your guests will be talking about your party well in advance.
You can even make your own invitations if you desire.   Cut stars out of heavy gold or silver sparkle paper. Announce your party on the front and write the party information on the back in contrasting gel pen. 
For an extra touch in any of these invitations consider adding star confetti to each one.  It might cost a little extra for packaging but your guests will love it and start counting down the days till your party!
Here are some fun Hollywood theme wording examples that you can use on your invites, or even a party banner - 
  • ADMIT ONE: Join us for a Star Studded Event in honor or Kim's 40th Birthday!
  • We request your company at a "Red Carpet Affair" as we celebrate Elaine's Birthday
  • Be a star at Josie's 16th Red Carpet Sweet 16
  • And the Invitation Goes to... You! Please join us for a Surprise Red Carpet Celebration for Amy's 30th Birthday!
  • Show Time! Karl is turning 40, and this is your ticket to PARTY!
  • Sarah's turning 21, and she's the Star Attraction! Join us for a Surprise Party
  • 50 years ago a STAR was born. Join us as we celebrate Paul's Birthday!

Hollywood Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies


Start this party off on the right foot and let all of your guests feel like a star as they walk in on a red carpet runner.  You can consider a personalized Hollywood banner to let everyone know where the VIP Hollywood event is.

As your guests enter into the party room make sure they jump right into the Hollywood theme.  At the entrance give your guests the opportunity to take a photo with the Hollywood award photo op
Encourage your guests to leave birthday wishes on your personalized Hollywood sign-in board.  Place this by the entrance of your party so that all guests have an opportunity to leave their best.
If you can celebrate underneath the Hollywood sign, then your decorations are taken care of.  Can't fly out to L.A.?  That's not a problem because Party411.com knows how to throw a Hollywood party.  Place cut out stars around the party.  Allow each guest to write their name on a star, so everyone can be a star!
An inexpensive way to create a Hollywood atmosphere and bring more color to the party is to hang Hollywood balloons all around your venue. Bouquets are perfect at the entrance, on tables, and for highlighting areas like the bar or dancefloor. 

Hollywood table decorations and menu


Use these gold tablecovers to make your tables shine. Serve your food in big popcorn bowls.  
A Hollywood birthday party says popcorn, pretzels, nachos and hot dogs. But this is a birthday party so pizza, chili, easy to eat appetizers, desserts and birthday cake are all good choices as well – the food at your party can be as simple or elaborate as you want.
This is a Hollywood party so make sure the drinks are special and a little over the top.  Serve drinks in light up glasses.  These will have your guests going over the top!

Hollywood Games and Entertainment


Consider playing such party games as Charades based on movie themes, or Name that Movie (tell your guests a famous line and have them tell you what movie it was heard in) which will be sure to have your crowd laughing all night long. Everyone wants to be a star and here’s your chance to make it happen.  Give the winners of your games the movie buff award, not only will they be the champions but they will always remember your Hollywood party!

Hollywood Party Favors


Send your guests home with a sweet treat from your party. A scrumptious milk or dark chocolate candy bar with a personalized Hollywood birthday wrapper is a delicious souvenir for a wonderful party.

Enjoy the glitz and glamour of your birthday party! Remember you're the star!