Casino Birthday Party Ideas

What makes a perfect casino birthday party? Food, fun, friends and the right casino party supplies are the key ingredients. The good news is you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to have a great event. Just use these easy casino birthday party ideas!

Casino Birthday Party Invitations

An invitation sets the tone for the party before it ever starts – so hustle your friends and family over with a personalized casino invitation. Add a few plastic poker chips in the envelope to really excite your guests!
This is a casino party so why not make it a special event?  Send your guests personalized casino photo ticket invitations!  Make sure your guests bring their tickets so they can be admitted to the exclusive opening of your casino party.
If you always talk about how "money" you are, you have a chance to prove it.   Add some personalized money with your face on it with each invitation you send.  If they forget their ticket, they can try buy their way in.

Here are a few fun casino birthday party ideas for invitation wording:

  • In the game of life, Sally is turning 40! Let us deal you in...
  • Oh "Craps", Jim is turning 50! Roll on over for a night of games.
  • Bring your poker face and a lucky charm to Robert's Texas Hold'em Birthday Party!
  • You have been "dealt" an invitation to Kathleen's Surprise Birthday Party!
  • Ante up for a night if gambling at Greg's Birthday Casino. Join us for night of food, friends and fun.

Casino Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies

Hit the jackpot with your casino decorations. As your guests enter your party have them walk through a red and black balloon archway. Of course if you're not feeling ambitious you can always flank the entrance with casino balloons.
As your guests walk into the party room make sure they smoothly slide into the casino theme.  At the entrance of the party have a life sized cutout of the guest of honor in a tuxedo or an elegant dress.  If your guests are jealous of how you look, you can always ante up boas and felt hats for them.
If you're hosting at a casino, then you're sitting on aces. However if you're not, the walls need a splash of casino!  
An inexpensive way to add even more  color and excitement to your party is to use dice balloons anywhere there are no dice! Bouquets are perfect at the entrance, on tables, and for highlighting areas like the bar or dancefloor. 
Don't forget about the party playlist! Mix in some Vegas and gambling theme tunes for a great casino vibe:
  • Viva Las Vegas, Elvis Presley
  • Sin City, AC/DC
  • The Gambler, Kenny Rogers
  • Here's to Las Vegas, Barry Manilow
  • Luck Be a Lady, Frank Sinatra
  • Big in Vegas, Buck Owens
  • Blackjack, Ray Charles
  • Poker Face, Lady Gaga
  • Let's Go To Vegas, Faith Hill
  • Leaving Las Vegas, Sheryl Crow
  • Waking up in Vegas, Katy Perry
  • Deuces Are Wild, Aerosmith

casino table decorations and menu


Decorate your tables with a color scheme worthy of the card tables at the casino!

  • Red, white and black are the perfect colors for the paper goods. Or go with casino theme party supplies.
  • Green felt (or just green plastic) on your tables will make everyone feel like they are sitting down for a game.
  • Make sure you have plenty of cocktail napkins available! You can go with casino theme or birthday theme.
A few more great casino birthday party ideas for your table:
  • Balloon bouquets make great centerpieces! Or go with a simple dice centerpiece, it sure fits the casino theme!
  • Want a really unique casino theme centerpiece? Turn black felt gangster hats upside down and fill them with bogus bills, playing cards, sunglasses and glow jewelry. Everyone will have a great time dressing up!
  • Sprinkle tables with poker chips and wrap your silverware into bundles using a napkin and a string of dice beads.
Serve easy finger foods that will keep everyone circulating and playing the games. Our go-to casino birthday party menu:
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Crap dip
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Stuffed olives
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Fruit/Cheese Tray
For drinks, what is more casino than a martini bar? Guests will love creating their own drinks (and you'll love not having to throw down cash for multiple kinds of booze). Here is what you need:
  • Vodka and gin - get good quality!  A good rule of thumb is one 750 ml of gin or vodka for every 6 guests per evening.
  • Vermouth
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Jigger or shot glass with ounce measurements 
  • Cocktail shaker - for those who prefer "shaken, not stirred"
  • Ice - to keep your bottles cool and to stir with
  • Garnishes - olives, maraschino cherries, cocktail onions, olive brine, lemon twist (don't forget garnish picks!)
  • Martini Recipes - We love including recipes for the Gibson, Dry Martini, Dirty Martini, the 50/50, and the Bronx (you'll need orange juice). The Vesper Martini (featured in Casino Royale) is perfect for this theme. Pick up Gordon's Gin and Kina Lillet (or sub Cocchi Americano) for this drink.
Champagne punch is another great option. Have some non alcoholic pitcher drinks, soda and sparkling water available too.

Casino Games and Entertainment

Day or night, great entertainment is key to the success of any party. Hmm, what to do at a casino birthday party?  Why not get in the Vegas mood and have your guests provide some A-list entertainment on the karaoke machine. Feature tunes from top Vegas performers like Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow and Celine Dion.

Casino Birthday Party Favors

Send your guests home with a sweet treat from your party. A scrumptious milk or dark chocolate candy bar with a personalized casino birthday wrapper is a delicious souvenir for a wonderful party.
Enjoy your casino party, and remember says dueces are wild!